Sunday, October 24, 2010

T Minus Seven Days

Calendars have been set,assignment given, obligations have been rescheduled or new dates (my dad) found, uniforms ordered, boots ordered and ready for pick-up, kids prepped, graduation party rescheduled, holidays discussed, house cleaned...and I am still not sure I am ready for this.

Sleeping alone, running to everyone's appointments on my own, homework, temper tantrums, dinner, dogs fed, papers graded, sirens blaring, news reports, questions from the kids, concerns about some of the runs he'll go on, finishing my masters, juggling Christmas Eve alone...

Random thoughts when I should be enjoying A-Rodg's first win over his shadow - #4.

Deep breaths, one day at a time, don't be too proud to ask/accept help, taking time to pray for Jeff's safety and congratulate his accomplishments, hugging my kids and learning to make this adjustment to our new leg of this journey.
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