Saturday, January 8, 2011

Who needs TV - I live with the Muppets.

As parents, we all know that life with kids, especially four of them, is never boring and rarely quiet.  Imagine living with Muppets.

Bet you didn't know my kids were Muppets - yup it is indeed the truth.  They are not regular kids - they are caricatures - not REAL kids.  I am just amazed at how distinct their personalities are.  Let me introduce you...

Our oldest is known as Noah, but really he is Waldorf.  One of the cranky old men from the Muppet Show.  You know, one of the dynamic duo, the Siskel and Ebert of the Henson world.  They sit in the balcony and make their opinions well known for all to hear.  That is Noah.  He is uber-smart - sometimes to point of scary, but very critical of others and has been a cranky old man since probably the second grade.  Even is younger brother has gotten in on he action.  His nickname for Noah is CNH.  Not because he is sweet like the sugar, but rather because it stands for Cranky Noah Harrington.  (PS - pay attention to the portion with Miss Piggy - she'll come up later.)

Brennan is our next Muppet.  He is a keep everyone happy, go with the flow and laugh as much as possible kind of kid.  He has been in glasses since 5 and so he even looks the part.  Brennan is definitely Scooter.  He is always on the go, always trying to get things to go his way (and often successful) always trying to organize events and always the one who seems to catch it from the other Muppets when things are not QUITE the way they believe they should be.

Desiree - what can I say about Desiree.  Who else could Desi be but Miss Piggy?  Des has been singled out since she was a baby - she was a Gerber baby.  She even figured out at such an early age, that people were talking about her and if she tilted her head, they would oo and aah  even more. <GAG>  She is a princess, and the world treats her as such.  If she does not get her way....let's just say, I hope you can hold your own!

And then there is Little Livy.  Do not let her age or size fool you.  She may be the size of an average 12-18 month old child, but she is not one to be bullied.  Being the youngest of four, Olivia has learned that you need to fight for your position.  She makes up her mind and no one will be able to tell her that she cannot do something.  Size will not stop her.  Liv also has a bit of a, umm, what you could call a wild side to her.  She is a rough and tumble kinda gal and sometimes hard to understand.  She becomes a different creature when she is hungry or thirsty, a bit of an Animal, I guess you could say, when food is not readily available.  If nothing else- she will steal her sister's food while the diva has her moments!

Well, there you have it - our Muppets.  Hopefully they bring a smile to your face as they do mine.   Happy Saturday!

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