Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Love My Firefighter

It seems I have offended my FF with my last rant.  He brought it up today, "I really sound like a major @$$."  I wanted to agree, but I did not.  I wrote that post when my head was going to explode with everything that was going on AND I was getting sick.  He knows not to read my blog (or at least to read it with some sense of caution), especially if he does not want to hear the bare naked truth.  I have learned to bite my tongue when it comes to things, but in my blog is not always that place.  Do I censor what I talk about, of course.  But I don't sugar coat it, he knows that - and still loves me.

There is reason #1 - he loves me as I am.  A hot tempered, sharp tongued red head, who has no issues speaking her mind.  I call a spade, a spade - even if the proper term is digging implement.

Reason #2   He is a loving and patient man.  With his patients, with his children, with school kids and  with me.  I could ask for no more than that.  This is probably what makes me the most proud to be his wife.  You should see him subbing in the preschool, helping out a total stranger, helping the neighbor kids with math homework - in sidewalk chalk.  FFs often get a bad rap for having too much testosterone and not enough empathy. My FF proves that is not the case.

Reason #3 - He would give me the moon if he could.  He very rarely, if ever, tells me no.  He will save, work OT, whatever needs to be done, just to give me the little things that once upon a time I so took for granted.

Reason #4  He followed his dreams.  The world of education - although he was amazing in it, left him feeling unfulfilled.  So many people, especially with a wife and four children, would have stayed there.  It paid the bills.  But it was not for him and at the age of 34, he left his comfort zone of 4th grade public education and entered the fire academy.  And he stuck with it, even when it was kicking his arse and he did not think he could continue on.  He choose the road less traveled, and for that he can stand tall.

Reason #5 - He has introduced the world of aquatic life into our home.  We started with cheap little fresh water fish in a little 10 gallon hex tank.  At one point we had a 72 gallon bowfront reef salt water tank and an 75 gallon planted discus tank.  We now have a 14 gallon nano reef.  I love sitting and watching the fish.  The colors of the corals.  Sometimes, just walking through the fish store, dreaming of the tank we could have built when we win the lottery.  That never came into my life until I started dating my husband.  He set up a tank in his dorm room, drove through snow storms - just to get fish for me.

He's the 3rd one from the right left (medicine head, I swear!) and I am with my girl dead center.
Concert Choir, September 1995 - 4 months before we started dating.
Reason #6 - He has a gorgeous  tenor voice.  It was how we met - choir in college.  Our conductor counseled him away from marrying me - the priesthood needed men with voices, afterall.  He  sang with the Lakeland Singers, the musical ambassadors for the college.  Not a bad gig when you are a broke college student.  He was a part of the Sheboygan Symphony Chorus and later the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus, as well as part of the small chamber groups performing with the MSO.  But, as beautiful as his classical voice is, what makes me smile is when he sings to me and the kids.  Usually silly, usually loud and obnoxious.  Always guaranteed for a laugh and some joy.

Reason #7 - He lets me have dogs.  They keep me company (and safe) when he is gone.  I would be miserable without them.  Since our first pup all those years ago, I have promised that the next would be "his" dog.  But, I can't leave them alone and they all bond with me.  And he is okay with it.

Reason #8 - We have 4 beautiful kids.  I never wanted kids.  He talked me into 1 and I fell in love.  As insane as they make my life.  As insane as they simply are, I would not trade them for anything.  He even tolerates my goo goo eyes when I see a baby.  We're going on 5 years without one in this house - that is a record.  They are all miracles and they are all thanks to my husband's kind soul.

Reason #9 - He is encouraging.  Regardless of what I do, he supports me.  Regardless of what goofy ideas come into my head, he supports me.  When I see a turn of the century firehouse that I have never noticed, he will make a U-turn and take me back so I can grab some pictures.  He supports every hobby I have ever had - from bowling (ask him about the 14 bowling balls we have moved several times now) to music, from creating jewelry to preserving images in the digital world - he has always been right there as a cheerleader. (Trust me, those sexy legs look good in a skirt.)

Reason #10 - I love him.  No easy feat.  I love to be around him.  I don't get bored talking to him.  Sounds trite, but I seem to bore easily with members of the opposite gender (sorry for any I may have offended).  We have grown up together - since just about his 20th birthday when he blew me off for Fishhead (I got him a month later - no worries!).  He is my best friend and for that I am forever grateful that he came into my life.

Love your firefighters, even when they are driving you insane.  Even when you have been locked inside the house like the little old woman who live in a shoe.  Even when EVERYTHING that could go wrong did - all because he is on his third 48 in a row.  Love your firefighter and show them that they are loved.  Maybe making a list like this each time will help when all you can see is what drives you crazy and what they HAVEN'T done while they are on shift.  You are after all a Firefighter's Wife.

Inspired by Erin H.  in our Amazing group!  I needed some inpsiration

Friday, September 21, 2012

I am Conceding Defeat

It is time. I am done fighting.  FF argued with me about this on Monday and I totally blew him off.  I am NOT sick.  I am a mom.  I am a teacher.  I am a firewife.  We have no weaknesses.  I am 10 foot tall and bullet proof.  Even though HE spent a week sleeping this virus he brought home, I would CARRY-ON!  I have fought through it since last Wednesday afterall.

From a panel in Action Comics Annual #10, 2007.
Yeah, clearly, one of my mischievous high schoolers who claim to love me, snuck in the tiniest sliver of Kryptonite.   And I am now officially sick.

I quit once I rubbed my eyes and it pushed green slime out of various orifices.  So gross.  My white flag went up.

And somehow, my FF was home!  That never happens! So, I'm taking advantage of it.  He is taking the muppets to school for me, dropping off my sub plans, picking up some tissues.  

Embedded image permalink
My desk a few days ago.  I was FIGHTING!
I think I will call in one of my IOUs for all the times I have taken care of him. I will let him take care of me today, esp since he is back on shift tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Green Eyed Monster

My FF is going through a bit of a rough patch.  I am hoping to help him work his way through it, but ultimately it is up for him to do so.  And I find myself not being very helpful in my mind.  In fact, I find myself being very jealous and almost bitter in my mind.  There has been a list of things that he is "going to do" since we moved in June, that are still not done.  He had 5 days off a few weeks ago, hurt his back for the first two days and caught a bug the next three (which I am now working my way through - thanks for sharing with me).  So, he spent most of those 5 days laying down or sleeping.  Did he need it, sure.  But these kind of things ALWAYS happen where there is something big to be done.  <sigh>

So, this week, 5 days off again.  We are on day 3.  The DUNGEON, aka our basement has not been touched.  Shelving has been bought - still not tended to.  One side of the basement is impassible - you cannot get from here to there.  The other side is a dangerous obstacle course and I have sworn off laundry until I get there without hurting my back trying to keep my balance.  And so of course, laundry has piled up.  Groceries in my mini grocery store can't get put away because those shelves are not yet up.  He had my nephew put together our bed frame.  Yeah, he has the mechanical skills of his father.  Sorry boys, that means NONE.  SO, one of the supports, let go - on my side - and has been on his honey list for a month.  My back can no longer handle sleeping on a 45 degree decline. I sleep on his side when he is at work and Sunday night, I just slept on the couch. I suppose I could take care of it myself.  I am more than capable of using tools.  In fact, I was the only one who came into this marriage WITH tools.  But it is the point of it.  The point is he needs to help.  This was his week to help.  And yet - not so much.  I suppose, he did notice my glances to the sink when we got home from N's football game at 8:15 last night - he loaded the dishwasher.  Anyone want to bet on whether or not it got UN-loaded today??  My advice, save your money.  It didn't.

Embedded image permalinkRemember in my last post, I told you I sent him a text about the girls' room.  Yeah, that didn't get done that day.  So, yesterday, about 45 minutes before we got to the house after school (to pick him up for N's football game because he left his wallet in my car and no gas in his truck and could not get down to K-town for the game and so I spent an extra 80 miles driving) he started cleaning their room.  Here was his answer - put all the toys in plastic bags and make the girls cry.  Really?  That will do it??  How did that work for ya when you did it with your oldest.  Soooo, you know what I will be doing.  I will be actually spending the time to put those away on Saturday AM.

So,back to today, he sent me a text while I was teaching.  I responded over lunch and got one word replies.  Really?  Sorry to interrupt.  So, I have him a call.  His only real response, "Wow, you sound like crap!"  Nice.  Thanks.  Probably because I am sick and get up before 5am to get your kids to school two counties away because your job has residency restrictions.  Probably because I have to TALK to my juniors and seniors while my throat is on fire.  Probably because I don't get to sleep while I am sick because I have to still grade papers, referee arguments, go grocery shopping, make dinner, fold laundry, clip coupons, create Prezis, answer emails.  While you get to sleep.  

And then my jealousy got worse.  He was at his sisters having lunch.  In and of itself - awesome.  What makes it hard - he gets to do it without kids.  I consider it a luxury to GROCERY SHOP without the kids.  To do that, I go at 6am, before they get up for Saturday cartoons.  And once again, there is something it gets to do without 4 muppets in tow.  And I was am jealous.  Jealous of the freedom his career allows him and angry over the extra work it creates for me.  I will get over it.  Probably around the time the weight comes off of my chest and I can breathe without barking like a seal or squeaking like a 14 year-old boy who has hit puberty while I am discussing the two sides of the Euthanasia debate.  I know that fair is a weather term and not a part of life.  I get it and I accept it.

But, sometimes, it still sucks.

Monday, September 17, 2012


We have been back to school,  going on 4 weeks. 

Let me give you a break down of my day...
  • Up at 4:30am, get kids up at 5am.  
  • Kids eat breakfast and we are out the door by 5:50am.  
  • Arrive at school 6:30-6:40am.  Get some last minute stuff done.
  • Take 3 little muppets to the Lower Campus 7:05am.
  • Return to the Upper Campus 7:15am
  • 7:16am lonely high schoolers are at my door looking for love and attention
  • 2:50pm school day ends.
  • 3:15pm Pick up 3 stooges from Lower Campus, leaving my oldest in my classroom - doing homework - so he can be to football practice on time.
  • 4:15ish pm back at home.  Feed  the K9 units.  Hug the neighbor kids.
  • 5-5:30pm dinner.
  • 6:15pm leave to pick up my Charles Woodson in training.  (My AMAZING fire wife gal pal next door keeps the 3 stooges for me when FF on shift, which seems to be all the freaking time!  Sometimes she even showers them for me!  Ummm, AMAZING!)
  • 7:00pm arrive at school for the "end" of practice.
  • 7:15ish pm practice is really over.
  • 8:00ish pm get home, feed mini-Woodson and toss him in the shower, go grab muppets and toss them into bed.  Hug my FireWife for saving my butt, yet again.
  • 8:30pm check mini-Woodson's homework - to see if he REALLY did it while hanging out in my classroom.  Send him to bed.
  • 8:45pm Inappropriate snack.  Load dishwasher for 4 hour delay.  Throw in a load of uniforms to the washing machine to make sure my kids don't smell the next day.
  • 9:00pm - lesson plans, grade papers, create PowerPoints/Prezis.
  • 11:15pm prop eyeballs open to finish the last three papers.  Coax the K9s to wake up and come to bed with me.
  • 11:25pm Catch the last of Leno so I can try not to think as I drift off.
  • 12 Midnight, hopefully asleep.
  • 4:30am - REPEAT!!
So, ugh, yeah.  Dusting.  Cleaning windows.  Vacuuming.  I try and fit it in on Saturdays.

And my house has EXPLODED!  I am able to keep the community areas clean.  The living room is presentable.  You could come in and I would be okay with it.  Not how it would be if I knew you were coming.  I got the kitchen back under control.  Floors need some attention, but it is okay.  Dining room and bathrooms - both okay.  My bedroom - yeah, about that.  There is a box of knick-knacks from his Grandparents that his mom was nice enough to bring down, a box with more of my shoes needing a home.  4 or 5 baskets of laundry that need tending to.  My bed is so not made.  My dresser and dressing table.  Yeah, we won't discuss that.  My girls' room.  I would have to take a picture for you to believe that.  You cannot see the floor and I have no clue what clothes are clean and what clothes are dirty.  Boys' rooms - if they would spend 10 minutes on theirs, they would be just fine.

The text I sent to my FF this am - 5:42 am - You might want to clean the girls' room before I do it and you have an angry resentful momma on your hands because I had to do it again. Just sayin'.

Poor guy.  BUT, that was the agreement.  He would take over the housework that I could not keep up with once school started.  After all, he gets to do it with NO CHILDREN IN THE HOUSE!  I did it all summer with SEVEN of them running in and out and in and out.  You would think it would be easy.  But, that has yet to happen.  In his defense, he did turn our 2 1/2 car storage unit back into a garage, which was pretty amazing. But that was two weeks ago...

So, if you don't hear from me for a bit...I might have been sucked into the black abyss that is my girls' room. Think I will come home to it looking like this??

Probably not.  All about Daddy clean vs. Mommy Clean.  Guess I know what I will be doing...<sigh>
Hug you kids and kiss your FFs.  Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am clearly not getting enough of it.  I am starting to feel that pressure under my eyes and that drag in my step that comes when my candle is running out of wax.  BUT, I have a master of sleep in my midst.  Any time, any where.  Out like a light as long as all movement ceases, that is.

Just because...

After Swimming at her Brother's bday party

Because Mass was early

There was a lot of walking at the fair

waiting for fireworks is BORING

This was my classroom yesterday.  Daddy thinks it looks like a crime scene photo.

Time outs in the dining room really wear a girl out.

So, as you can see, O can literally sleep anywhere.  She "does not need a nap", just ask her she'll tell you.  But I think that is because she sneaks these catnaps in when the whirling tornado that she is, is told to STOP (collaborate and listen) for a moment in time.  Recharges her batteries and away she goes.  Think I can sneak one of these in during my prep??

Kiss your FF, love your muppets - especially when they are sleeping.  They are so adorable at that point in the day.  

Happy Hump Day!  Almost there!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is There Anything Else to Say?

It has been 11 years since life as we knew was turned upside down and inside out.  

11 years.

Sometimes it is hard to believe.

I was sitting at my desk, trying to think of what to write.  The posts for this day seem to get to me in a manner I never expected.  

I can't say I understand.  I don't understand why.  I don't understand what the families were put through and what those quiet moments mu st be like today.  As fearful as we all were, I still can't understand.  I can't understand the sheer horror experienced by the spouses of those bravely trying to save those they could and to comfort those they could not.  The momentary glimpse I got with the Temple shooting is nothing in comparison.  I can feel the apprehension in my chest every shift day as I kiss my husband good-bye, for that one more once.  I "know" he'll come back to me, but there is always that chance that he might not.  And that whispers in my ear periodically.  But he does come home to me.  

All of my children will know their father.  How many 9/11 babies only know the stories?  How many will never know the whole story?  What do I say to my kids?

Do I say I am sorry to those whose lives will never be the same because of that one moment in time?  Sorry that you will not have your Daddy to walk you down the aisle.  Sorry that "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" will never be again.  Sorry that your child was taken from you far too early.  

I can say "Thank You", but to whom?  To the families that have fought through the heartache and pain?  To the 343 who were simply amazing.  FFs are often the ones running in while everyone else is running out.  But this time, many of them knew this would be their last call.  And they went in valiantly to help, to comfort to be firefighters.  To the NYPD who tried to keep some idea of sanity at probably the most insane moment of our brief history, even though they too knew the costs?  To the nameless victims calling home to comfort the people they, at that moment, knew would be grieving the lives lost far too soon??  To our military forces and their families who have fought bravely to ensure we are safe in our own backyards?  To Paul Gill of Engine 54 whose name graced my husband's gear at last year's memorial?  To his family who have been so gracious in their correspondence with me?  Who do you thank?  Does it mean anything??  Does it help??

FF Paul Gill, Engine 54
There are no words.  We all know where we were.  We all know how we felt when the pit in our stomach dropped.  We know and have shared our stories over and over and over.  Our stories have been heard, but what about the stories of those we have lost?  Some of theirs have made their way to documentaries and memoirs, but some are forever silenced.

The only words I have are


I Remember...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Fire Family

I am indeed blessed.  I love my husband.  I love my job.  I love my kids.  I am even so lucky to have a fire family right next door - on the same shift.  It is like having a built in support network when there was a gas explosion that left two of our guys - including a BC - severally injured and we weren't sure where ours were. Or the Temple Shooting when she called me from the hospital she was working at to ask if J was okay and I was totally OBLIVIOUS to what had happened. Or when there has just been an insane shift on the home front, we will take the others' kids so that they have a few minutes to run errands or to just breathe without having a little person all up in your grill.  Makes life so much easier.

I have found much solace in other fire wives, because they get it.  Some have been amazing and I have met through this blog.  Others I met through Facebook. I am part a few fire wives groups on Facebook.  Some of the conversations are making me feel old.   I am seeing a bit of a generation gap with some of the younger wives and girlfriends and stay out of those conversations and tune out of those pages.  But every once in a while there is a conversation that I jump in on.  The one this weekend was women in the firehouse. 

All of the insecurities of a new wife and girlfriend were rearing their ugly head and it was really bothering me. I was married to an elementary school teacher for all those years.  Talk about a shark tank.  That was not my favorite environment and I know for a fact there were teachers that did not understand where the boundaries were.  I would trade the firehouse ANY day for that world.  But nonetheless, it comes down to trust.  You have to trust your firefighter.  There are women in EVERY field that will ignore that little hunk o'gold on your husband's left hand, so you can't lump all female FFs into that category.  If you are feeling uncomfortable, you need to have a heart to heart with not only your FF, but also yourself.  There are only 2 reasons to be jealous - because your FF is stepping out (or thinking about) on you (and that is on him, just as much as the other women/FF) or you insecure with where you are.  If it is the latter, you really need to work on what you are unhappy with about yourself and either make them better or accept yourself.  I will never have legs up to there or a rack that gets noticed when I walk in the room.  Just a fact of life.  If you are not comfortable with yourself, that lack of confidence is what everyone will see and it will indeed cloud your perspective.

Later in this thread, another firewife said she was jealous of the time spent there.  They get to eat with him and spend time with him, when she is coveting that time.  This, I TOTALLY get.  We miss them.  On my end, I think I was more jealous OF my FF.  He gets breaks from the kids and adult conversation and quiet time to sleep when we are at school.  But to be jealous of the time that they spend with other firefighters, DON'T BE.  It may literally be what saves their lives.  That is the one thing we cannot let eat us from the inside.  It truly is a fire family.  Not always pretty, but it is your FF's other family.  Just like FF's cousin Ed drives you insane, you will not like all the FFs and Meds your FF works with, but you have to accept them as the Fire Family that they are.

Here is exactly what I told her:

Take the time to get to know the FFs your FF works with.  Take the kids in and drop off cookies or invite them over for a football game.  That is your firefighter's family, which makes them yours.

Kiss your firefighters and hug your kids, I am getting of my soapbox and into my Packer gear.  NFL season is upon us.  GO PACK GO!

Go Pack Go - green-bay-packers Fan Art

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Unheard Voice

I am really starting to feel that my voice is not loud enough or that I speak a totally different language than everyone else.  At home, with my kids, with my students, with my department.  I know clearly that my pipes are working just fine.  I am well aware that I am not the quiet one in the group.  Emails are being ignored. 

Meet me by the parking lot door in 10 minutes so you can let me back into the building after I pick up the other three stooges -  ignored. Sitting with my feet up on my desk because the bell rang and my lovely 16 and 17 year-old babies need to all finish their conversations, even though I have made it ABUNDANTLY clear that I would like to start class - Ignored.  Help with lifting the laundry, even though I no longer have my last 2 discs due to blowing them out delivering my first born child - IGnored.  Can you wipe down the kids' lunch boxes so I can go to the auxiliary meeting tonight after feeding your children because you have a cold and need another nap and volunteer to make 12 cookie cakes for you and your brothers during fire prevention week - IGNored.  Can you put this box of stuff that belonged to your grandmother away so I can not trip over it as it blocks my path to the bathroom at 4:30am so I can get your children up and out of the door before 6am because you did not want to look at a district without residency restrictions - IGNOred.  Open up EverNote, add the title of the video so you have notes to work on for the essay tomorrow - IGNOREd.  Hey, do you mind meeting at 12:30 instead of 2:30 so I can get you all home to your families sooner - no response.  IGNORED?  Well, I was going to meet with my husband for lunch...I might be 15 minutes idea if he even got friend wanted to meet for lunch...


I quit.

I'm done.

ignore away...just don't ask my where your uniform is or for an extension or how to write a lesson plan or what time the meeting is at or where we are supposed to meet or if I can pick up something from the grocery store or if I can braid your hair or take you to football or give you a ride home or talk to your girlfriend or take you to the park or deal with the kids on another 48 or ...or ... or...

Because I won't hear you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Comfort food

Saturday night/ Sunday morning was a rough one for my firefighter.  8 runs between midnight and the time he called me at 7:15, with the tones going off for a MVA while we were on the phone.  He had a PNB (pulseless non-breather) which is is how he ALWAYS seems to start his Sunday mornings, without fail.  It was just one of those nights that got to him.  

He called to say he would not be making it to mass.  We came home, I changed and gave him a kiss welcome home and quickly shooed the muppets outside so he could sleep.

As I looked at my house, which by the way seems to have EXPLODED since I went back to work <sigh>, I decided to see what I could do to make the night before a little less taxing.  My husband really loves two things - his family and his food.  :)

Comfort Food it is!

BBQ Ribs, baked potatoes, apple pie, corn on the cob.

That and some laughs with the fire family next door and some Jeremiah Weed and lemonade seem to make it all better.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Out of the Mouth of a Child

Sometimes they say things, the kids that is, and there is just nothing you can say in return.  Sometimes it is because you can't BELIEVE what just came out of their mouths and sometimes it is because you realize that they are just right.

This morning I had one of those moments.  I heard the pitter-patter of little feet coming downstairs, trying so hard to be quiet.  I had just moved back to my bedroom and turned off my alarm after a VERY long night.

B, when he gets tired, has to deal with night terrors and sleepwalking.  Last night was especially bad - he had both.  And like all good firewives, I tackled it solo because it was a shift night.  I was texting with another amazing firewife - whose FF was on the downside of a 48, after having dinner with the fire family next door.  What a great night, even if I was sleeping alone.  

Well, like all good things, it must end.  B came down just before 11pm SCREAMING.  I got him calmed down and got him back in bed.  15 minutes later he came down asking me where the ice cream was.  Woke him, directed him back to his room.  About 1am, I heard the front door open and tails whapping the ground.  I jumped, but clearly knew it was some they knew.  No one was coming in - B boy was on his way out.  UGH!  

So, I set up obstacles by each of the doors and moved out to the couch.  2:30am he lectured me about fire safety - it was a fire hazard to have the back door blocked - with a total glazed look at and 3:20am he was rummaging through the refrigerator.   That was the last of that.  I moved back to my bedroom at 5:30am and turned off my alarm.  I was not going to go to Church in 2 hours.

Until the girls came down and D was heartbroken.  "But, I LOVE our Church, Momma. I will be sad if we don't go.  I really love our church."  And how do you argue with that?  

You don't.

I will be sure to give thanks for keeping my B boy safe through out the night.

Basilica of St. Josaphat by Retinal Fetish

If you take a look at the pictures from the Church you will understand, even if you have never set foot in the door.
Image from Matt K. - the Badger Catholic.
Image copyrighted Matt Frankel - BEAUTIFUL shot of the dome.

Not too bad for being a hand me down post office.  You should read the history, it is really quite amazing.

Kiss you FFs and hug your kids.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
~Psalm 118:24

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Okay, so maybe the YouTube video has nothing to REALLY do with this post, per se.  I think it is more than likely my stunted wish to get by butt to Chicago to see Wicked, finally.  I mean I work 7 miles from the FIB border, how hard  can it be??  Ah well.  It was  the first thing that came to mind as J made a comment to me - "tsk, tsk...It must be SO rough to be SO popular."

I am the department chair for my department.  Usually it just means going to extra meetings, periodic check-ins to see how everyone is doing, leading department meetings, ordering materials...nothing too crazy.

This year in my department, I have 2 teachers that are new to our building - 1 brand new to teaching - and 2 that are still working on balancing teaching, with grading, paperwork, meetings, parents, etc.  I also have a very friendly staff, who love to chit-chat and make their way to my door, even though it is off the beaten path.  Most of the time, all of this would be fine.  But it is the beginning of the year.  I spent the better portion of our work week getting my people settled and putting out some small fires among teachers and I got nothing done in my classroom.  I am just oh so lucky that our janitorial staff works around my classroom, allowing me to leave most things up on my walls or I would really be in trouble!!  I just need to get started.

My mornings, I try and come in early - 6:30am.  My kids don't always make that time very fruitful.  I drop them off at the other campus at 7:15am, where I am blessed to have another teacher willing to take my 3 stooges for me and race back to try and make due with the last 10 minutes before the kids start to report.  Yeah...that has yet to work.  Teachers need help, kids need help, teachers have ideas that they want to bounce off of me, kids just LOVE to hang out in my room.  For a few days, I just cringed.  <sigh>

Ah well,  if you can't beat them, join them.  It is much more enjoyable.  SO, I am going to really crank out curriculum for my senior class - that has never been taught in our school - over the weekends.  I am going to have my Canvas page set up in advance of the week starting and simply enjoy the people who want to be part of my life.  Why fight it?  Just enjoy the popularity and be grateful the kids actually WANT to be in my room.

Enjoy your Labour Day Weekend!

Kiss your FFs and hug your kids.  Say a prayer of thanks that they are yours.
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