Monday, July 9, 2012

The Difference Between a Firefighter and his Wife


Sirens and air brakes - both of us jump out of bed, because there are NEVER sirens around here (in my  whopping 5 weeks of experience).  And that my friends is where the similarities end.

After the truck circles several times, it is clear that the HEO and his boss are looking for something.  I am trying really hard not to go onto the front porch because I don't want them to think we are the house in need. But, hmmmm.

Then comes the paddy wagon (does my paddy heritage and summer time freckles allow me the carte blanche to use that term still??  Sorry random thought...).  And then the BLS vultures.

Firefighter: "Oh, probably just a man down call." Stumbles back to bed.  I think I heard snoring before he hit the pillow.

Me: Thoughts racing. "That's no good.  I hope they're okay."  Then the visions of wounded fugitives in the backyards - with weapons - start racing through my mind. "Wonder if I should let the dogs out."  Quick scan of all the windows, checking the gates.  "What if it was a sz, they'll be confused..."  Interrupted by the snore next to me.

Then I realize, my firefighter is home, there won't be anything that dramatic.  That drama will wait for tomorrow, when he is on shift. 

And now, now I am wide awake.

Up for the day, at 4:20AM.  My firefighter has the visions of sugarplums thing going on.

That my friends, is the difference between the firefighter and his wife.

Enjoy your day.

Hug your kids.  Kiss your firefighter.
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