Thursday, May 31, 2012

Six Days and Counting

This post was started yesterday...

I am so ready to be done with this move.  I am ready to be able to sit down with my kids and just be.

N's room progressing yesterday.
Jimmy Johnson will soon adorn these walls.
Painting should be done tonight.  Well, almost done anyway. I took the kids with me yesterday and got a whopping ONE room done. Ah well.  My FF came after he was done at the race track, and got the red back on the wall.  (Don't even get me started about the paint girl at Lowe's in Manitowoc who told me I would not need a grey primer for my red walls.  Dummy, always go with your gut! We lost 2 days of painting to that fiasco.) So, N's room - painted, our room - almost done - the former butt crack wall still needs to be tended to.  Dining room - done.  That leaves me with the foyer (if you can call it that), the girls' room and B's room.  I should be able to knock out the kids' rooms tonight and probably get to the butt crack tonight, too.  Especially since my hubby taped off the bedrooms - it will be a breeze.

Packing, still some to be done.  Our bedroom - all non-clothing is packed up. My sweaters and sweatshirts boxed and ready.  I will take up the dresser drawers this weekend - I'm weird like that.  I also saw somewhere that if you "diaper" your hanging clothes, it goes pretty smoothly, so I will do that as well.  Girls' room - done.  Boys' room - half done.  Dining room - never unpacked. :)  Kitchen - haven't touched it.  Office - don't want to touch it.  We're getting there.  To my army wife friends - I don't know how you do this, but iSalud!

Timeline for the week - painting tonight, windows in on Thursday, carpeting in on Thursday, preparing for the weekend's neighborhood rummage sale on Thursday, Family Pictures Friday, FF finish any painting on Friday after he's done at the race track, sell the rummage goods Friday after pictures are done, Saturday AM - rummage sale, pack the kitchen and office, Saturday PM - deliver boxes to the new house.

By this time next week, I will be waiting impatiently for the moving truck.  By this time next month, I will be enjoying my summer.  At least it does not consume the whole summer. I just need to remind myself of that!

...and completed today.

So here are the updates. Probably one more day of painting, I'll get to that tomorrow.  Here is what was completed last night...

Dining room
Okay, so this was done earlier in the week, but I love the color.
Our bedroom - still being completed.  Accent wall in mocha.
Also worked on earlier...

B boy's room.  The color is Gone Fishin' - pretty appropriate since his
theme is sea life- fish, dolphins, clams...
My red room - also picked up a new lamp for this room today.

The girlie girls room, just came home with some
new accessories for the purple paradise.
Notice the lack of sunlight in this one...just sayin'.

So, enjoy your weekend, in case I am not back here.  Tomorrow is a neighborhood rummage sale.  Saturday, too.  (While my hubby packs the kitchen and the office.)  Sunday my hubby is working - go figure! And Monday is the big day!  I will definitely have pictures for you guys next week.  I can't WAIT!

PS - school's out for summer...

It followed me

The curse of the Blue Shift is now the curse of the Green Shift.  So far (knocking on formica before I type this) nothing has gone WRONG, just inconvenient, I guess.

So, yup, this would be me whining.  We have never been at a school that did a Kindergarten completion (I just can't call it a graduation) ceremony before.  D has one today.  O has a little ceremony in the Montessori, as well.  My final is a project, I thought I could sneak over.  You know the perks of having all 4 kids in one PreK-12 academy (that I teach in), right?  Yeah, let's just say, not so much.  We'll leave this discussion for another day.  So, you think I could send my hubs - nope he's working.  Just like he was supposed to work for Prom.  And so it begins.  The Honeymoon is over.  I even tried to move - literally.  Guess I was not fast enough in that regard.  The Curse of Blue Shift, informed the Green Shift and here we are.

Yes, I know.  It is just kindergarten.  But, sadly, D will be the only - no lie - the only one without a mommy or daddy there.  Probably O as well.  I asked our Admissions Director if she would be willing to stand in for me, take pictures.  You know, the usual.  And she is MORE than willing to do so.  I even sent a plea to my hubby last week to see if he could make a trade.  I feel so bad for the girls.  

Sad, I know.  I will be done fussing in a moment.  But for now, I am wishing I could be there with them.  Big picture, really not a big deal.  But for this moment, a little heartbreaking.

Monday, May 28, 2012


You know how it creeps in, makes you a snappy turtle and you wish you had just bitten your tongue.  Yeah, that was this morning. Stress got to me.  Laundry has piled up and no one seems to want to help.  A controlling a$$ of a boyfriend is literally sucking the life out of the daughter of friends of ours, it is bothering me so much I can't sleep. There is still SO much packing to do and my FF is spending 3 days this week on the fire crew at the race track (not to mention one of those days is when I finally scheduled family pictures - considering we have NEVER had professional ones done - after consulting the calendar that "had all the race days in it") on top of the three days he is on shift this week.  I snapped.

Snapped because we are out of cereal.  Snapped because my kids can't seem to figure out that when the garbage can is overflowing, it is time to take it out.  Snapped because when we moved in August, he worked 48 after 48 after 48 and I had to do the move alone - with 4 kids...and history seems to repeat itself.  Snapped because I still have to close up my classroom, with said 4 kids, because my husband is at the race track.  Snapped because we lost a day of painting because I listened to the girl at Lowe's rather than my gut.  I just snapped.  

And now his phone is dead and I can't even say I am sorry.  I won't see him until later tomorrow night.  Tonight will be one of the busiest shifts he has all year.  The weather will be in the 90s.  The beer will be flowing.  He had 16 runs on Friday, no doubt today will be worse.

I know better.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Go Bold or Go Home

But what do you do when you are home and the bold doesn't work?

I DESPISE white walls.  The literally bother me to the point of obsession.  My classroom is covered in "stuff" because of it.  So, it makes sense that my home would be no different.  

I got my red paint up on the wall...
20120526_142531.jpg and my poor hubby was NERVOUS as he did the edging for me.

20120526_142422.jpg But it grew on him.

and now the first coat is on. 20120526_142522.jpg

And I LOVE it!  I can't wait to get the second coat on today.

The one room I wasn't worried about I HATED and to take Lowe's and Valspar up on their "Love Your Color Guarantee".  And it was on the one room I thought I would be safe with - our bedroom.  It is the same color we have now.  But, our new bedroom is smaller...and as soon as J started edging, I knew it wouldn't work.

We got one coat on the living room, the dining room is done, our bedroom has 2 3/4 walls done.  We still need to go over the edging, but I wanted to make sure it would dry, before I primed it and redid it.  All I see is a dirty butt crack...sorry.  That is what happens when you spend 11 years with diapers, I guess. I can't wait to get it done this morning.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Senior Send Off

Is here...and it is pulling my freshmen away with it. 

A junior "singing" End of the Road by B II M.  Balloon release.  Dodgeball.  Spotify through the cafeteria PA (just below my room/windows).  I wish it was cold and rainy - my windows could then be closed without breaking the Geneva Convention.  My poor baby froshies don't stand a chance. <sigh>

I love my seniors, I really do.  But, it is time to go.  See you next Sunday at Graduation.  Be good until then.  Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Ba-bye.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Was amazing and crazy, all in one ball of 24 hours.  I went with my kids to HALO with 14 seniors.  We pulled weeds, planted tomatoes and tended to the needs of their teaching gardens.  That was until 9:30ish.  From there, we helped out the food pantry - sorting and reboxing all of the food from the USPS "Stamp Out Hunger" Campaign.  I think we did a total of 9 pallets of food.  The kids were amazing.  Even the volunteers were amazed at the focus of this crew.

I got home, immediately helped my hubby and our amazing neighbors pack up the 26 foot U-Haul for the second trip up to the new house. (He and a few other FFs got the rest of the boxes from the 2.5 car garage storage unit up and into the basement earlier in the day.  They also got the swing set moved, which THRILLED the kids next door.) Where we subsequently unloaded it. (Funny how that works!) I think we made it home around 10pm.  I don't remember falling asleep.  Might have something to do with the 2 hours of sleep I got night before, waking up at 1am.

So, today, I figure by noon, I won't be moving so swiftly.  Then, I have a few days before we do it all over again.  2 more days of classes, 2 more days of exams and then I can focus on my family and home.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Least Among Us

All of our kids (at school) do service.  We try ingrain it their brains so that it simply becomes part of who they are. You find it with seniors working with the preschoolers.  Our Middle School kids visit one of the area nursing homes.  The older elementary classes buddy up with the primary grades.  We do food drives and coat drives and toiletries drives and supply drives and toy drives.  Our lower campus has won the PB and J Challenge for the last few years. Our middle schoolers are required to completed 5 hours of experience per term and our 9-11 graders are required to complete 3 experiences per term.  There are opportunities offered and verification sheets and reflection papers.  It works for some kids and for others it still just a hoop to jump through.  But, none-the-less, the seed has been planted even if it does not blossom for years to come. 

Our seniors are not required to jump through that hoop.  Instead, the entire week before graduation it is Senior Service Week.  They build house for Habitat, help the nuns at the Motherhouse (seeing as they founded our school it is so very important that we give back), we work in homeless shelters and women's shelters, food banks and soup kitchens.  We have a small crew currently in Nicaragua working to build a school. It is a powerful week for most of the kids.

Today, I get to leave my underclassmen for the day and spend one more day with my seniors before they are gone.  One more day to spend with these kids before they leave.  One more day to help them discover/remember that they are only part of something much big than themselves.
I wish more schools, even the public schools, had a service requirement for graduation.  There are so many people in need and it is so rewarding to help, just because.

As a family this summer, I would like to challenge you to do one service project this summer, no matter how big or how small.  Through your Church, of your own design, it makes absolutely no difference. And preface it with your kids about important it is for communities to work together.  For neighborhoods to unite and help each other out.  Be it a river clean-up or a book drive, with the idea to simply help someone out.

Matthew 25:40, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Passive Aggressive, Much?

yup, I can be that way.
Property Image 1

When we moved last summer, I found a big old house.  We were going to rent it until we knew what was going on with residency and then buy it.  I love OLD houses, unless they have not been properly maintained.  This was one of those.  

106 year-old federal style brick house.  We offered to pay for half the cost to replace the hundred and some year-old windows, no go.  We asked for the storms to be fixed and the glazing so that the big window in front or the one in the dining room did not come crashing down.  We asked for storms to replaced.  We asked for something silly like screens for our windows.  I went TWO whole weekends without a toilet - FF was on a 48, of course.  No plumber would come (because we did not own the house) and no one answered at the real estate company office (Whose name and logo I am REFRAINING from posting here).  Yeah, try that in a town where you know NO ONE and you have 4 kids.  Especially when it was because the previous tenants were passive aggressive and stuck an applesauce cup down the toilet.  Or when you blamed the tennis balls on my k9s, you know the ones that were stuffed down whatever the heck that square drain is down in the basement.  A - my pups are not allowed down in the steep basement open stairs would be bad for my old girl's hip.  B - tennis balls were put away because Willow guarded them and Bear wanted them - even though he still has no idea how to use them.  NOT FROM US.  Oh yeah, or the railings on the porch that need to be replaced, but because that would mean bringing them up to code.  Or the gutters that have totally pulled away that were going to be fixed before we moved in.  Or the ROTTING front porch that we are lucky no child has put their foot through.  Or the fact that when you flush the toilet you can hear it draining in the tub.

Now - we are moving in 12 days.  Movers are coming June 4th to get my furniture out of here.  The boxes that I never unpacked because things were so bad here, you know the ones in my 2 1/2 car garage storage unit (where the plywood has rotted away and you said you would fix before we moved in), as well as the kids' non-essentials and the boxes from said basement, they are getting moved tomorrow.  And you want me to let in a window guy to fix the window - glazing, storms and screens, I have been asking you to fix ALL FREAKING WISCONSIN WINTER  LONG?  

Sure, June 5th, feel free.

Monday, May 21, 2012

And this is why I do this...

Every "class" has its own identity.  Ask any teacher and they will tell you.  Some are whiny, some are focused, some are uber smart and some are just average, some are athletic and some are crazy.  But, you can never be too sure you know them until you work with them.

I am the junior class adviser.  My job is done for the year now that Prom is over and yet I am already working on next year's prom if you can believe it.  I have made my notes of things to remember, started brainstorming ideas and emailed my officers to set up a FB page that we can work off of this summer.  (It might be the only place I can get a hold of them.)  Some of my future juniors came to me with an idea or two.

They would like to give back. 

What an amazing thing to hear!  Especially considering my opinions of them at the start of this year.  So, instead of merely planning the Prom festivities, they are also interested in some Prom based service activities.  One idea was to do an Operation Cinderella Dress Drive for our county and the other is to help or plan Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's Patient Prom.  How awesome is that!?!

Just when you think you are ready to be done, you get a sign to remind of why you do these things that drive you crazy. Instant battery recharge!

Now, I can hardly wait to start working with them.

So, if you are interested in Donating to either cause, feel free to contact me!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just another opening of another show

03 Another Opening of Another Show.mp3 by The Muppets on Grooveshark
Just another opening of another show.  Cross your fingers and hold your heart.  I loved this piece in college.  We opened every concert with it one year on tour.  And the Muppets performance was the first one I found, how appropriate is that.  Prom is done.  And what a production it was.  The staging was amazing.  The planning paid off.  The weather made my life SO much easier. The DJ went beautifully and the there was no really fussing about my edited play list. There were diva moments and one major drama moment including betrayal with a kiss and a break up.  But overall, a major success.

The hardest part of the night was Promenade...parents.  Says it all.  They came early to stake out their spot and were less than thrilled when we shooed them out. We had a GORGEOUS night and since our hall has an occupancy of 160 and we had 157 there as it was.  One of the hardest parents was a co-worker and screamed at me about the direction we had the couples walk, because she did not have a clear view.  SMH.  Aside from that mom, we probably had 300+ parents who came to see the dresses.  The introduction of the couples went BEAUTIFULLY, introduced by my AMAZING firefighter.  But after court was announced and the king and queen crowned, the kids all wanted to hang out with Mommy and Daddy.  It blew my mind.  I couldn't believe it.  I probably spent half an hour gathering up the kids and telling the parents to have a good night.  And it was like I was ripping them from the womb.  Me?  I would have been like, "Hey, its been fun, but I think you need to head on home now."  (Sorry Mom, I was scarred by Marquette's prom!)

Funny thing, the dancing was just fine.  There was never a moment where the dance floor was not packed.  We took down 4 tables to make more room.  And I don't really think the gansta' rap was missed.  The patio was a nice place to cool off and watch the night life on the golf course.  The sundae bar and photo booth went over beautifully. Set up and take down were swift.  My sheriff deputies were amazing.  Life was good.


When Prom was over, hubby and I headed to Applebee's for the Lakers/OKC game, some wings and some margaritas.  It was nice night, but I am so glad it is over.  Now, I am off to make my list of things to remember for next year and ideas I want to run by my kids.  I also think I am going to create a Facebook page for my officers for next year.  They spend more time there and I figure that will make life much easier when it comes to discussions, especially over the summer.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Call it a cliché or call it a Proverb.  I call it a truth.  We cannot raise a child without others.  Some days it feels like we are in it all on our own.  As FireWives it is when the 48s seem to be never ending and 2 have projects due tomorrow and the other 2 just are projecting - be it their voices (at their siblings) or their toys (at the dogs) or vomit (all over the table).  As parents we often thing our kids are only ones to have ever gone through this. The baby won't stop crying.  The toddler throws a fit in the store when told no. As a community, too often we feel it is not our job.

But it is.

We are responsible for the future, and that future is in our kids.  And they are just that - OUR kids.

I often confuse people.  Well, aside from the usual, I confuse them when I talk about "my kids".  I have gotten into the habit of calling my students "my kids", because they are indeed my kids.  I have kids to this day, who call me Mom.  And that is just how it is.  So, when you hear me talk about my kids and it doesn't make sense, ask me which ones.  I have tried to get in the habit of saying, "my kids at school" but sometimes the idea comes out before the clarification.

This is also why I get up on my soap box about the infant mortality crisis we have here in Milwaukee.  They are OUR kids.  Not their kids.  We need to work with the families in our communities  to do what is right by OUR kids.  Keeping the safe, making sure they are fed and making sure that they are all appropriately educated.  That is OUR job.  These are the kids who will be OUR doctors, OUR lawyers, OUR leaders.  And if we lead by example - one of kindness, compassion as well as logical and thoughtful - they will learn develop those traits. 

They are ALL our kids.

One of the classes we teach in my department is Morality. Probably my favorite class to teach, aside from my history class.  I know that we are a Catholic institution and I not necessarily focusing on morality pertaining to SIN per se, but what makes a GOOD person.  Just imagine if it was something that was focused on in every home, with every family and every child.  Kindness, compassion, humility, patience, justice, charity, honesty...just think.  Our kids emulate what they see.  If our superstars did what was right because they should, instead of whatever they want - to the point of excess, because they can, imagine how our kids would react.
Our Guidance counselor Mark, used one of these YEARS ago when we were discussing this idea.
Makes me miss Grand Avenue...

So, think about this today when you see kids in the neighborhood, with no one to play with.  Or you see a mom struggling in the store.  Or your family welcomes a new little one.  We - parents, teachers, police officers, firefighters, superstars, librarians, pastors and priests, aunts and uncles, waitstaff, doctors and nurses, neighbors and friends - are all responsible for who they will become.  Just IMAGINE the possibilities.

Friday, May 18, 2012

When Did I Get So Old?

I remember listening to the music that had the "Explicit Lyrics" stickers on them - back when it was "censorship" and the music world revolted.  Now, I am finding myself trying not to be a prude as I am going through the playlist for tomorrow's prom.  You know the playlist I have been asking for for TWO WEEKS and I got THIS MORNING.  Here I am frantically trying to get through it before tomorrow.

We are a Catholic high school and as such, even at prom, we have to up hold Catholic values.  Which means, no hoes, bi$%^&*s, no extreme swearing, no drugs, no "dirty dancing", no "lollipops",

I am not used to being the bad guy, as the kids are peeking at my high lighted list of songs that WILL be removed.  I am the cool teacher, not the prude.  I am uncomfortable with this.  Which is odd, seeing as I usually have the role of the hammer, the disciplinarian.  

UGH!  It is awful getting old!  Wish me luck getting through tomorrow.  I am not even sure Post-prom can happen.  I had 7 who bought tickets this morning and 15 by the first high school lunch.  It is a minimum of 100. 

I Used to Be a Book Worm

and I don't know where that has gone.  In the summer, I read constantly.  But during the school year, I think I have read 4 or 5 books NOT for class.  I will read that in a week's time over the summer.  It is sad.  I keep hoping that life will slow down.  I said that last year for after the academy.  I said it last summer after the move.  I said it from September through April for Paramedic Training and now I find myself saying it again, for after this move.

I miss reading.  I miss my Nook.  I miss the library.  I miss books.  

So, for April and May, my goal was to get a post a day up.  My next goal will be starting June 15th, to read 3 books a week and get back into my library night routine.  I am hoping the summer reading program for the kids will be enough to get them to hold me accountable. I miss it.

Happy almost Friday!  Kiss your Firefighters. Hug your Kids.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Luck is not on my side

But, you can't win if you don't try.  I know that to be true.  So, I have tossed my hat in the ring to see what I can do.

Two things that I have coveted over the last 4 years, a DSLR and a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.  ( I know I should be happy with what I have, I preach it to my children daily.  But every once in a while...) I got an unexpected check from the public school system for being a mentor and we sold some jewelry that I will never wear and have no desire to pass on to my girls - BOOM, there's my camera.  After the move you can be sure I will on KEH or B&H's site picking out my lovely camera.

The other is a stand mixer.  My dad calls me when QVC has them on to tell me about the wonderful payment plan and discounts, but still, that is a month's worth of daycare.  Not happening for a bit.  I will have to live with my hand mixer, also a Kitchen-Aid, that my mom gave me.  Such a wonderful upgrade from the $6 one from Wal-Mart that I bought in college.  And our hands.

We bake more than I would have ever imagined.  Saturday night is pizza night in our house.  My hubby makes the crust from scratch.  It would make his life so much easier.  Cakes and breads and cookies, suddenly I am little Mrs. Dolly Domestic.  I am not sure when that transformation occurred, but it did indeed.  I because of this I have been longing for a Stand Mixer.

Tuesday I started following someone on Twitter, checked out their blog and fell in love.  Then, my love was confirmed when I liked her Facebook page and read about her give away for May - A lovely sunny yellow pepper Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. I had to try.  Will I win, I can tell you most assuredly not, but I have to try.

Here is my personal link.  <<<<<< Click there.  Like her page, toss your hat in and luck to us all.  Maybe this time??  Probably not, but you never know.  After the way my luck has been going this week, something's got to give.  I mean being puked on my your kindergartner in public during "my dinner" on Mother's Day has to pay off somehow, right? 

So, feel free to go to my personal link and help me get some entries.  Send your good Juju my way, this would SO help my week.

Happy Thursday!  Hug your kids and kiss your firefighters.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

My Mommy Wish list

I have been finding myself wondering if I am a good enough mom, as the bedrooms get messy and my tempers rears its fierce red head while I am trying to do 4 things at once and they are bickering.  I am not a Mommy that has every minute of the day scheduled, I prefer the "Go out and Play" schedule of our world.  But, what if I am missing in some areas.  A post on FB yesterday by a friend of mine from high school started me thinking...over lunch, when I clearly had other work I could have been doing.  Being a teacher, what outcomes do I want to see in my child.  Outcome Based Education is indeed one of the buzz words in the ed world over the last few years.  And now it made its way into my head when thinking about my family.  I guess that is a side effect of the profession.

I decided I wanted it to apply to all of my children, not to be specific to a certain child or gender.  I also wanted to limit it to 10 -15 things.  I can be wordy and go on and on.

I love this author, but mainly just
used it because the fire background
is so fitting. :)
Here it is...

My Mommy Wish List

  • First and foremost, I hope my children to know love.  To know unconditional, even-when-I-am-mad-at-you-I-will-never-stop-loving-you love.  Not only that they are graced with it, but also how to love unconditionally.  To learn that love freely given is best received and the most powerful force there is.

  • I hope my children learn to respect those that have come before them.  The tears shed, the lives lost, the barriers broken and the miracles witnessed.  To know that they are part of something bigger than themselves.  I want my Muppets to learn from the past in order to prepare for their future.  

  • I hope my children are happy.  Happy with whatever path they choose.  I will be here if that path is not the right one for them, to help them choose the path that might get there where they want to be.  I will be here to rejoice and celebrate with them when their journey stops at location that has always been in their dreams.  I will dry their tears, make them laugh and help them dust themselves off in order to keep going on their journey when it takes a detour.

  • I hope my children feel accepted.  No matter what they choose to do or how they dress.  To know that I respect and accept and love them, as they are.

  • I hope they apply all of these values to life.  To shake the hand of the Vietnam vet outside of the Pick N Save with the poppies.  To help any child in the community, because it does indeed take a village to raise a child.  To help a lost dog find their family and to help find a new home for a dog that deserves a new one.  To help a motorist stranded in the middle of no where, even if the only thing they can do is wait with them until help comes. I want them to smile at strangers and say, "Have a Good Day."  Or when the waitress asks if they want another drink, they reply, "Yes, please".  And thank her properly when she brings the drink.

  • I hope my children drive safely. Reckless disregard for those around them, on the part of drivers, has created far too many broken hearts. 

  • I hope they respect whomever they are dating or married to.  Respect their hopes, dreams, or even fears.  Respect who they are as a person, not try to change them.  Love them for who they are.  If they are not the right one, part as pleasantly as possible and move on to the next stage of their journey.

  • I hope the understand the meaning of family - and all of the work that word brings, but also all of the joy that it brings.

  • I hope they will speak for those who have no voice or those whose voice is hard to hear.  I think I have been successful, so far here.  My kids will defend those who are being bullied and will refuse to be bullied.  I hope it continues. There are so many battles in this arena - on the playground and in life.  They can change the WORLD with this one wish.

  • I hope they continue to value education.  So many doors are opened to those willing to learn.

  • I hope they have faith.  Faith is so powerful and reassuring.  Faith can help you find your way out of the darkest corners.  I hope that even when their faith is tested, they never lose it.

  • I hope my children learn the value of money.  That they are always comfortable enough, but not overindulged.  In my classes I am shocked on a daily basis - demands for the shoes that cost more than my wedding dress, for cars that are brand new, for the newest technology.  All luxuries that we have no place demanding.
The rest will come - math facts, handwriting, riding with out training wheels, cleaning their rooms, helping around the house.  They are all milestones that develop the values and work ethic that will help my kids develop the other parts of my wishes.  To my Muppets, please know that I will always love you and I will always be here.  To my firefighter, stop and take a look at the crew we have - they are pretty amazing.

Be sure to hug your kids and kiss your firefighters.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Murphy has officially moved in

And made his laws known.  


Sunday...lovely Mother's fanfare.  Its not my thing.  But, it might have made the day better, starting with breakfast in bed or flowers or something.

I got my lovelies, dressed and out the door before 8am.  We got donuts and called grandpa so he could see the new house.  I was SO excited to paint, as you read in Sunday's post.  I got there and nothing was ready and I mean NOTHING.  There was no way I could tape, much less paint. Now, I am not fussing.  The family we are working with for this house is a fire family and they have been amazing (and will be amazing neighbors), but I was so psyched to paint and yeah, when it did not happen, not so much.  So, we gave my dad a tour, he made his list of things I need to do - typical dad - my muppets played with the fire kids next door.  Not my ideal morning, but it was okay.  

We headed back to my dad's.  He was going to take the kids while I painted, well instead he got me as part of the package deal. I stopped at the firehouse, as my FF forgot his belt and needed me to rescue him, again. Kids played with the neighborhood kids at Grandpa's house.  Kids ate too much junk food, at Grandpa's house. Kids drank too much juice at Grandpa's house and kid #3 puked ALL OVER the table at dinner time.  Was it at grandpa's house?? NOPE, one our of favorite custard/burger joints.  Needless to say, I did not get my free custard Sunday night.  Ran to Wal-Mart after cleaning up the puke covered girl and table.  Got a new outfit for D.  I was NOT going to drive all the way home smelling puke.  NO WAY, NO HOW, NUH UH!

D was fine after puking up all the junk.  And very contrite.  I felt so saddened when she came into my room Monday morning to apologize for ruining my Mother's Day.  I assured her she did not, that she just gave me stories to tell for years to come.  All part of mommyhood.

Monday, I worked hard and found the best deal for trucks for moving.  Hubby is supposed to be moving boxes on Tuesday (today).  Yeah, well, at the end of the school day Monday, he sends me a text to call him. He's not ready.  He did not get guys lined up - after all he gave them 36 hours notice. <eyeroll> He was not ready and was cancelling the truck.  Oh yeah, and all that leg work I did with the movers, he doesn't want to move that weekend either, maybe the following or week after.  (AFTER I got an email from our leasing company for the house we are currently in, the tenant they had lined up to take over our lease fell through and the next in line tenant can't move in until July so we are on the hook for another grand+ in rent for June.  Just good news, after good news, after good news.)

So, poor hubby caught the wrath of frustration that was just oozing out of my pores at this moment.  He even got yelled at because his uncle called me during class, AGAIN.  Not sure how that was his fault, but clearly at that moment, he was the fall guy. 

Did I mention that it is Prom Week and I had JUST gotten done with the court announcements?

AND parents are fussing for their kids' final exam projects early.  I am giving them TWELVE DAYS to get them done.  Really people??  

AND my hubby double booked today so I am flying solo with the kids' concert tonight.  O is never fun at evening events.  She is just too tired.  I need two sets of hands.

Yeah, so I figure my sanity will be back after I get home at SIX O'CLOCK SUNDAY MORNING!  And get some sleep in.  Be patient with me until then...

Monday, May 14, 2012


This will be the first move of nearly a half dozen since 1997, in which we use a moving company.  I come from a family of movers, so we have straps and pads and hand trucks and appliance dollies and experience.  But, my grandfather is no shape to move anything, although I am certain he will still feel compelled to supervise and my dad just does not like waking up like he is a hundred years old the next day.  In August, my dad packed the truck and my husband got some guys to help us load and unload.  My dad will still probably help supervise, now that I have a Saturday date, but I am going to relieve him of any heavy lifting.

The fun began with quotes - this is for furniture only.  Some places are quoting 8 hours - I don't see 8 hours worth of stuff, especially not from professional movers.  I just don't. Plus they charge for stairs, both ways. And it is getting pricey.  So, I found a group of guys called Starving Artist Movers.  Just as the name implies.  They sound so much more reasonable.  I am hoping to hear back from them today. their quote was 5-6 hours. They use  a 15 passenger van for smaller moves and rent a U-Haul for larger (which means I don't have to do it!).  They rent the truck, pick it up, pack it up and unload it for nearly half the costs.  Plus, so many of my friends are staying true to their art, where the rest of us left it aside for "real" jobs, how can I not look to it.

I will get a final quote after school today.  Then check with my hubby.  I will let you know if we go with them and how it goes.  If all goes well, they will get a total free, glorious review from me, hoping to send a bit more business their way.  Small companies are definitely an asset to our communities.

Is it June yet??

Sunday, May 13, 2012


So I was a slacker yesterday, I didn't get a post up.  Saturday night was the Senior banquet, which was a lot of fun.  However, it did not leave me a ton of time between getting everyone home and settled, getting ready and heading to the country club, in order to prepare a post.  And yesterday, I slept until 8am which NEVER happens and left for my in-laws for Grandma's Mother's Day/Birthday celebration by 9am.  We got home after 9pm and I was wiped out.  SO, I just never got to it.

Today, is Mother's Day.  My FF is working, of course.  :)  Yesterday he bought me my paint for the new house, I am heading over today to get a few rooms painted.  My dad is taking the muppets in exchange for donuts.  We bought the bold red paint for my living room.  I'll post some pictures tonight to make up for the one I missed yesterday - dang slacker.

So, to all the mommies in the world, Happy Mother's Day.  Enjoy the one day when the world is okay with mom's being the slackers in house.  Rest and let the crew pamper you.  As for me, I will be painting.  And that is an okay way for me to spend my Mother's Day.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Date Nights

My hubby and I have tried to set aside a set date night for years.  It just hasn't worked.  Someone has been tired or sick or there is a crisis of some sort that comes up. We always say we are going to do it and we never seem to actually do it.  

But since we moved and our 12 year-old requested a little more responsibility, we have found ways to have mini-dates.  We started off with running to the store during naptime and we have evolved from there. Sometimes it is as simple as running to the Home Depot without the kids.  Tuesday night he took me to dinner.  This past weekend we ran to the Italian deli and pick up sausage for pizza night - without the kids.  So, it seems to be that date night is anytime we don't have the kids.  We are not leaving them alone long and we have AMAZING neighbors, so there is really no major concern.  But it is a chance to reconnect as adults, as a couple, without having to continually plan.

I do think that this is where things get off with families.  We lose ourselves, as a couple, in the chaos that parenthood can become.  Seeing as the parents' love is what starts the family, it is the foundation, if it starts to crumble, the stability of the entire family is effected.  So, in my humblest of opinions, that relationship is just as important as anything else within the family unit.  Not to say that we don't all sacrifice something for our kids, just that it can't be our spouse.  especially in a fire family, when the rate of divorce is significantly higher than the general population.  

Kiss your firefighter, hugs your kids and enjoy the day
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