Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Funk

No reason, nothing bad or inconvenient has happened (except for when I knocked my beloved Rosie the Riveter bookend off my desk yesterday, watching it shatter - in slow motion none-the-less -  into a million pieces in front of my desk - but my firefighter is a wiz with Super Glue & a Sharpie - made her good as new!) - just one of those days.  I think that is what today is.  Just one of those days.  I tried breakfast with my hubby before he left for work, but all that did was remind me he was going to work.  Tried a donut party with the Muppets, all that did was leave me with a ton of crumbs and a cute little video of my girls quietly bopping along to Under Pressure.  Should be enough to  bump me out of this funk, right?  Nope. So finally watching this week's musical Grey's Anatomy will do it, right?  Yeah, all that did was remind of how many hours, months I sat in front of that isolette in 2008.  <sigh>  Not even watching said baby flitter by in a nightgown and tutu has helped.  Ah well.  I am hoping a shower might help, but I have to find a way to quiet my crew and pray NOT to have 74 knocks at the door.  Maybe I should have skipped breakfast and taken the shower.

Oh yeah, and that stack of papers I have been neglecting just called my name...<sigh> Spring and sunshine need to come NOW!!!!  I am probably simply needing a dose of sunlight that is NOT coming through my classroom blinds, that I have to darken in order to see the whiteboard.   June 1st will be here before I know it.  J will not have EMT classes as he did in '09 or the fire academy that swallowed our summer whole last year.  I might actually get to see him this summer.  There's a novel concept.  Okay.  I am taking my crabby butt into the shower.  I think the idiot box might contain the muppets for a bit.  Maybe some steam to clear the head and hot water to get the juice flowing might fix this funk.

Happy Saturday? Maybe?
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