Friday, June 17, 2011

The Mile...Finally

Racing is in my blood. I was literally almost born at the track.  It is simply a part of my family's DNA.  My dad is the Asst. Safety Director for the Milwaukee Mile.  I watched drivers exploded out of anger and throw their helmets, cracking them.  I have seen hits to the wall that take your breath away.  I have seen drivers who should be role models, make little girls cry at autograph sessions - that is a tale for another day.  My dad started on the fire crew in the pits and has worked his way on up.  J has been a bit envious.  Policy states that to work on the Safety crew - you must be emergency personnel.  So, now you have it.  My husband is officially a FF and and EMT - that makes him emergency personnel, which makes him eligible to work at the track.  His Lt. from the academy has also joined him this summer. They have done racing school, practice, tire testing and now - race weekend is upon us.  The Indy cars are here for the Milwaukee 225.  And J is now part of that world. One more fire suit, one more set of tools. J is a happy guy! Let's go racing!!

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