Friday, December 9, 2011

Sorry I Have Not Posted Regularly

I seem to have
But I seem to have no time with out children.  Take today as an example, I wake up to a foot in my face, toddler sized at 2am.  Put her to bed and like the proverbial bad penny, she's back by 3:30 - with her elbow up my nose.  Forget it.  Why try and sleep anymore? I am able to get both her and Daddy out the door by 5:30 - AM that is, get the other muppets dressed, fed and out the door by 6:10am.  Get to school at 6:30, hoping to get work done. HA!  Silly Mommy!  And there are 3 kids in my classroom door by 6:48AM. Sigh...

Get muppets 2 and 3 over to the lower campus at 7:15am, after frantically printing out the sheets for his Wisconsin A to Z book, that he forgot to print out - D through M, getting them to their school getting back to the upper campus, finding out my projector no longer wants to play nice with the network, teaching four classes straight, no potty breaks (the joy of overloads). And then ahhhh, lunch...hear the angels singing? 

A moment to breathe, pee, eat.  HA!  Who are you kidding??  Nope, instead, a group of freshmen BOYS, working on their project that is due on the 20th. (FOR THE FIFTH DAY IN A ROW!  Monday, I take back my lunch hour - errr, my lunch 23 minutes) Sigh...

One more class before the end of the day - looney juniors, who could care less about the Reconciliation refresher before Monday's gr. 6-12 Confession. They are just too close to break and being the the last period of the last day of the didn't work.  Just to take the three stooges shopping, get them home and debate the merits of clean rooms for the last TWO AND A HALF hours.  

Since I know Daddy did not have a long night at the fire house and spent 16 minutes testing, the rest of the day standing around watching the other guys test, I am okay handing over the reins when he walks in tonight.  Yup, I am good with that.
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