Wednesday, December 28, 2011

There Is a New Era in Our House

This was take #895453.  Still no good.
Christmas has come and gone.  We have more clothes, shoes, books, new Air Hogs, DS games, Giovanni is now a member of our family forever (a post for another day, it is a cool story) ... it was a GREAT holiday!!!  

BUT...Barbie has moved in with TWELVE of her sisters.  Santa brought the girls an enchanted princess vanity. (Which, amazingly, there has been NO fighting over.) She has been asking for a Barbie for a few months.  We gave her a Barbie we got free Black Friday of 2001 when we spent 500 million bazillion dollars.  And I think EVERYONE else got the same idea. We have mermaids and prep school girls.  We have princesses and we have ballerinas.  They are all still clothed and their hair does not look scary.  And, they are all cleaned up and in their suitcase...for now.

I got the one on the right, complete with chair, twirler
and her top was actually a swimsuit.
Sooo COOL!  NOT!!!!
You have to understand, I am NOT a girly girl.  I think I was meant to be a guy and therefore, as such, assumed I knew what I was doing and refused to ask for directions and ended up in the ladies line.  Barbies drive me crazy.  I mean it wasn't MY fault GI Joe took that Twirly Girl Barbie I got for Christmas in 1983 and she was executed with an M80.  Sheesh.  Let's just say the pink aisle has been avoided for decades.  My dad LAUGHED at me when we found out baby #3 was going to be a girl.  I think he made some wise crack about being allergic to the pink aisle.  I think he is the reason why D is SUCH a girly girl.  O being a tomboy will be my saving grace of sanity.

And now, now the pink aisle has come to me.

Monday night I even posted for help on Facebook when it came for storing Barbies. D was walking around with this gaggle o' girls.  So when we spent our gift cards yesterday, a Barbie suitcase on wheels seemed a perfect solution, especially since it was on clearance.  So far  (20 hours) it has worked perfectly.

Happy holidays!!  I still have 5 more days of break and I intend to enjoy EVERY minute!  
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