Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Another Year

Whoa...I was a bit cranky last year.  I guess last year was rougher than I thought.  YIKES!!!  (NOT one of my finer moments!)  I am glad to have another year on, another year experience, our first year starting without diapers since Y2K when N was born, another year laughing at and loving my family, another year at the awesome school I teach at.  Just another year to thank God for!

So, our craziness is about to start.  Hanging out with Grandpa this afternoon, just because.  In-laws' house tomorrow (with a 2 1/2 hour drive both ways), sneaking it a midnight mass after we get back in town, Christmas morning here, later morning at my mom's side, afternoon at my dad's side and the Packer game later that night.  Yeah a Christmas with my firefighter!  BOTH DAYS!!!! Mark this year down!

Hubby has off from PM school on Monday, won't that be nice!

Enjoy your family, where ever they are and be safe.  Merry Christmas!
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