Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Blues

It was a beautiful day.  My husband cantered for mass and I so miss hearing him sing.  I could not have asked for a more perfect day for him to sing. The kids and I brought up the gifts for communion.  No Sunday School.  A lovely brunch at the kids' favorite breakfast spot.  We came back home and they got my patio set up - a new table cloth, the canopy for the gazebo, the lights we strung the night before.  My hunny did most of the laundry folding, but I pitched in so it would not eat him (there were a million BAZILLION LOADS). The boys put the laundry away for the muppets.  And generally we all just enjoyed the beautiful weather until the storms came through.  My hubby bought me an Eiffel Tower to replace the one that was stolen last year and has already concocted a plan to keep it in place. (That was after he bought me new cushions for the patio set yesterday, since I live out there all summer long.)  I was definitely the spoiled girl of the weekend.

And...he has a PO today while NOT subbing or picking up OT.  

I almost called in.  Just so we could spend another day together. 


I feel like we have been ships passing in the night and yesterday reminded me of how much I actually love being with this guy.  I love watching the kids and laughing at their shenanigans.

I didn't want yesterday to end.

But, alas, it is gone.  A memory of the recent past. Far too soon it will join the collection of "remember when" stories.  And I am back at school.  Mother's Day is a nice reminder that we are loved, even though we still have much work to do with those who love us.  Today, is a reminder that I have more kids to be a mom to, beyond those that share my DNA.  And so, here I am.  We are in the home stretch and I am going to take them through, kicking and screaming, to the summer.

Happy Monday! Happy Belated Mother's Day, Mommas!
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