Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Geek Through and Through

If you ask me why I carry a purse, it is to carry a tampon and all of my electronic devices.  I LOVE toys.  Most of these can be combined, but with the career shifts we have made, I will have to deal with what I have.  Anyway, my purse has to be big enough to hold my phone, my camera, my Flip cam, my Garmin and my i-Pod. Yeah, I guess my wallet, too.  I love toys.  My Nook has been my friend for a few years.  I am a Geek in my classroom.  I just love technology.

I think I need to keep a copy with me at all times!
On Monday, I had a series of tonic-clonic seizures.  Not MONSTER half hour seizures like I am used to.  But they wouldn't let up and kept coming and coming.  We got the attention of the ER crew when I had one walking in the door.  Anyway, not what I want to chat about, boring topic really.  What I want to chat about are the toys.  In the ER, I couldn't speak.  That part of my brain hadn't settled down enough to play nice with my mouth.  You all know my thoughts on phlebolomists, if not, read here.  Well, it makes it tough to express your concerns or PAIN when you can't talk.  Luckily, my hubby had not left for school yet when my brain went haywire, so he could act as my voice. He warned the lovely vampire about my veins and yet, shockingly, when she could not get in, she started digging for China.  I think my eyes were going to pop out of my head as I silently pleaded with my husband to make her stop.  He did intervene and she moved on to yet another vein and another and ANOTHER.  After about 5 minutes, he finally said enough was enough and told her to either step aside and he would do it for her, or get a nurse in.  She left in tears.  I don't really feel bad.  I was ready to puke and or pass out and would not have been able to even worn anyone.  Want to know the kicker?  She did not even need to be digging in my blood supply - they got what they needed when they put in my IV.  But, again, this is about my geekiness, not about my dread of hospital vampires.

So, I get to my room and they want to do another level check.  Sheer panic took over.  I couldn't breathe.  I did not want to do this again.  So, the nurse makes a deal.  One shot, she misses I get a vein viewer.  Never heard of it, but if it keeps her from digging, I am all in!  So, of course, she misses.  And sad thing is, she is the go to girl for uncooperative veins.  She makes good on her end and brings in the vein viewer.  When the come the size of and i-Pad, I am buying one and keeping it on my person at all time.  I have not read up on the technology, but it illuminates the veins, making them easier to see.  The technician can see when they roll.  I was so geeked out by this, I made her give me a moment to take pictures.  This made my whole hospital visit worthwhile!!


Sorry, I know I am easily amused with gadgets.  But this...this is the UBBER gadget of all gadgets.
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