Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not Sure if I'll Survive

My loverly husband will probably shoot me if he reads this post.  So if you don't hear from me again, you'll know what happened.  

Paramedic school is almost over.  We have 26 days left.  We are almost there.  At that point, he'll go back on schedule and begin his field training.  I think he will have a love/hate thing going on that point.  Having to be in an engine house, but locked in a box, might just be the death of him.  But, he will love having the down time available to him to work out.  

PM school has taken its toll.  He no longer works out with the boys.  He spends a ton of time studying.  He is home everyday and therefore roped into homework questions and belly rubs.  I think he also snacks more at home, he is a snacker.  I often find empty boxes laying around.

Not long ago, he looked in the mirror and saw his dad.  He did not like that.  So, time to find an answer.  A few summers ago, the Atkins worked really well for him.  But that was the summer and I was home to be his conscience.  He won't have this luxury AND every 48 hours he is under the influence of a crew of guys who don't ALWAYS have his best interest at heart.  So we needed to find something.  He decided to try the Weight Watchers software.  He really doesn't want to do the meetings, although I have heard that they help TREMENDOUSLY, so we paid for the on-line access to see if that will help.

So, I started looking at myself in the mirror.  Four babies later, I am not certain this is my best place.  After babies 1 and 2, I went right back to where I was.  Baby number 3 came at 31, yeah...there was a difference. Besides I never totally lost that weight because when surprise Baby number 4 came, I was totally unprepared, AND she was a C-Section baby.  Never totally lost the baby weight.

Now, truth and honesty.  I can't fuss much.  I am still an 8/10.  But on my shorter frame, there really isn't anywhere to put the extra pounds.  When I stepped on the scale in the hospital, I was at baby number 2 weight and NOT HAPPY to see that number.  So, I decide to jump on board with my husband. I have a target number in mind.  I have a date in mind.  I found sites to help me get there.  I am hoping this will help.  Once we get my husband back in an engine house, I will also be able to find time to exercise.  That will be half my battle.  Until then, Wii's  Let's Dance and portion control will have to do.

So, I figured out my points and thought, "Oh, this will be easy."  Yeah lasted until last night.  Two Special K bars and 2 bananas later I was starving.  Grabbed an applesauce cup.  (Snuck a donut when a frosh brought them in for my class for her b-day, that was 7 points shot to heck) And I was left with 4 points for dinner.  Sigh.  So, I decided to feed the muppets and wait for my hubby to come home. (I think I must make more trips to the fridge in the afternoon than I thought. If nothing else, WW is making me think.)  He has SIGNIFICANTLY more points than I do, so he had room to spare.  Me??  Yeah - that would be a bowl of Special K (teeny tiny, too I might add) and an apple.  But, I made it with a couple of points to spare.  But...there was so much food calling my name...you should have heard it.

Not sure I will survive this experiment.  Today, I made sure I left room to eat a real dinner.
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