Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Steps to Save the Babies

My hubby was THRILLED to pick up some OT this weekend.  He is feeling SO out of touch with his career as a FF.  I was so happy that he wiggled his way back on his own engine, as well - as opposed to compressed air (where he was miserable with his OT last month). 

But, what made me even more happy??  One of his calls.  My husband must be amazing, I am finding that I hear more about his shifts than a lot of SOs.  One of his calls was to a woman with a breathing issue.  It was not his life saving measures or his calm nature in a crazy environment that sent me into a love-sick tizzy.  It was a question he asked a member of this household.  He noticed there was a woman with a baby.  My FF double checked to be sure she had a crib in house for the babe, and that she was using it.  I was so thrilled.  Even though I am working on it, there have not be an official measures taken to incorporate our FD into our infant mortality issues, my FF did.  He did not blow off my crusade, he took it to heart.  Which is exactly why he has my heart.

For those of you unaware of my crusade, please feel feed to read about it here or here or here.

Maybe all it takes is one guy noticing and doing the same thing the next time he sees a baby on a call. One guy notices him, who has one guy notice get the idea.

I am still taking this on as my crusade.  I am still working to keep babies alive in Milwaukee.  Maybe it takes baby steps to save the babies.

Why I love my FF, Reason #78943
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