Thursday, August 9, 2012

"You Wanna Be Dead?"

Our oldest, N, is starting football this year.  He is going into 7th grade.  Our school lives and breathes football. He just couldn't wait to be part of that world.  We started practices last week.  2 hours a day, Monday through Friday and we still have 20 days until school starts for the kids.  Now, N is lightening fast and has amazing stamina for such a strong sprinter.  Best of both worlds, and if it lasts, I will probably find myself fighting a bit of envy with my slow-twitch fiber self.

Every AM, he has gone for a run - which I have worked very hard with him on his form.  I don't run like a girl, he sure as heck won't run like a girl.  After his run, with his FB helmet on, he also has been going on a 45 minute bike ride.  Also, a good thing.  But when he walked in the front door - without his bike helmet - he caught the wrath of Daddy.  Yeah, Daddy doesn't do well with that idea.  I even started wearing a bike helmet 10 years ago because of Daddy.  He had a nasty accident in high school and totally attributes his lack of brain damage to that helmet.  He also brought up someone we know who did not have their bike helmet on.  

"You wanna be dead?"  What a way to start a discussion!  Never raised his voice, but got N's attention.  "Or do you want them to cut out a piece of your skull and insert it into your stomach until the swelling of your brain comes down and they can put it back in your head?  You might be lucky enough for that option."  I was waiting for him to offer to take him to see someone who has been through such an accident.  Tough love.  Yeah, there's no mincing words with a paramedic daddy who survived a nasty bike accident with a minor concussion and some nasty road rash, but nothing more.

Moral of the day?  If you don't want to be dead, wear your bike helmet.

Hug your kids and kiss your FFs.  Have a great day!
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