Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just Give Me a Schedule

I live and die by my calendar.  Cozi is my friend - a special thanks to one of my favorite fire wives.  That is all there is to it.

Football has stolen my life.  I live and breathe NFL football in the fall anyway, but now it is really my life. Dinner, yeah, it doesn't happen.  I feed my oldest at 3pm before he changes.  I then make a picnic lunch for the other three - with an extra sandwich and fruit for N after the game.  We drive through rush hour to the practice field two counties away- AH, the joys of residency restrictions.  We have to pack some things to do for the 2+ hour practice and then it is time to come home - by 8pm.  I am missing the days of 1 practice a week plus the game.  I wish our field at school was ready - then I could at least work in my classroom while they practice.  Throw a  DVD up on the wall and voila, instant peace.

The MOST frustrating part, however, is that I have no football schedule.  Nothing in my hand or in my email.  No idea of games or practice times.  So, planning is a total nightmare.  I found out Monday that there is a scrimmage on Tuesday.  I also found on Monday that pictures, weigh-in and THREE scrimmage games are on Saturday.  Nevermind that we have a birthday party planned for B at noon and J and I have Brewers tickets to make up for our date night not happening earlier this month.  Some advanced notice would be nice.  With the crazy scheduling that comes with this crazy fire life, the fact that we live two counties away from school and the silly detail about me going back to work next Monday - I NEED A SCHEDULE.  I am trying to be patient.  My in-laws were gracious enough to help us out with Saturday.  But this just sends my control freak OCD nature into an anxiety laced frenzy.  My FF is going to football practice tonight, perhaps he can come home with a schedule so that I know how in the HECK I will be able to make this happen once school starts.  

Doesn't he know about the Fire Life schedule!   Aye!
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