Monday, August 13, 2012

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

We are getting to that time of the calendar - Back to School.  Supplies, bags, fees.  It is an expensive time frame in our household.  I scoured the sales for supplies and made trips to a few different stores and got that taken care of.  Now, I have to feed the children.  Ugh!!  It will actually be cheaper, in the long run, I guess, because they won't be asking for snacks every 32.6 minutes.  But, I also need easy.  We live 38 minutes from where I teach.  I like to get to school around 6:30am.  My students start wandering in my room around 7:20ish, the bell rings at 7:35.  The three stooges are still at our lower campus, which doesn't start until 7:50am.  Causes a little bit of a logistical issue, but we make it work.  Because it is such an early start to the day, I need easy for lunch.  We did the Uncrustable thing for a bit.  The convenience is nice, but that is a lot of money for PB&J.  I just couldn't get myself to accept that price.  I tried having N make sandwiches as part of his chores, well just the sandwiches took him 45 minutes or so.  That did not work.  I am so not sure what he did for that whole time, but he makes the more simplistic of tasks into monumental projects at times.

So this summer I started looking into making sandwiches ahead of time.  Tossing them in the fridge doesn't work, the bread gets hard.  Freezing them worked for the Uncrustables, so I thought I would try that.  I looked on line for Uncrustable makers, just on a whim.  I found that Wonder Bread made such device and HAD to order it.  

Today is our trial run.  I made 10 sandwiches which is 2 1/2 lunches for our crew.  Good to know, I never really paid too much attention to how much bread we used just for packing lunches.  A week's worth will take 2 loaves.  My goal is to make a week's work on Saturday or Sunday, whenever daddy is working.  It is so much easier to grab a sandwich and throw it in a box and into the lunchboxes on school days.

After a bit of research, I decided to put PB on both pieces of bread, with the jelly on just one.  The Peanut Butter would then act as a barrier so the jelly doesn't soak through.

Here it is pictures.  I hope it will work.  Time is of the essence in our home during the school year!

We eat the ends around here.  I just slather them with PB or Jam and
they don't know the difference.

On to the jam...

Ready for the freezer.  Not quite as pretty as Smucker's version
but mine comes with a momma's love.
Smucker's can't offer that.
And like all things in the kitchen, I have a helper.

I'll let you know how it works, tomorrow!

And for my girl who is trying to get me to watch Family Guy, here ya go...

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