Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Stress Filled Weekend, Errrrr...Week

When I was a kid, I never really thought about how much time and effort my parents put into our music lessons, leagues, tournaments, rehearsals, practices, school...until I became a parent.  And then I never really thought about how hard it is to juggle all this solo, like a single mother.  Until my husband became a firefighter.  I know I could do it, but I know I have no desire to do so.  And yet, I find myself doing it on a regular basis

This weekend was one of those weekends.  And it spilled into this week

We got the costume started on Friday night - in the dark and finished Saturday afternoon.  Saturday was a trip to Party City as SOON as it opened.  Followed by flying home to grab N for his last football game of the year.  (Some awesome FFs may have made a public appearance at that game, making for a happy boy, by the way.)  After the game, we make a quick stop at the firehouse to thank the Captain for letting them stop for a bit and to tell Daddy how the game went.  From there we flew home, gathered up the muppets to make sure they ate.  (I'm letting B stay home and take on some responsibility - so far, so good.)  Ran to get some last minute adhesive for the Dalek costume...and then all heck broke loose.

Part of that is my fault.  Part of it is one more example of how my kids really need to listen.

I ran to the craft store to get the glue-it-all-forever-and-ever-amen adhesive that did not actually work.  And as I was leaving I noticed my camera bag - open - sitting on the loveseat.  I specifically asked the muppets to NOT sit there.  When I returned, with the glue (and a few Christmas ornaments.  Shhhh, don't judge.) and made B JUMP out of his skin.  Clearly he remembered that he was not supposed to be there.  Unfortunately, he jumped so high, that when he landed, the major shockwaves knocked the camera to the ground...knocking my mirror out of place.

I could have killed the boy.  I called the phone at the firehouse when the the FF did not answer his...simply because I was pacing outside, convincing myself that we could let the boy child live.  <sigh>

From there we went on to finishing all of the costumes and soon it was time for the neighborhood night time Trick-or-Treating. They loved it.  I would love to show you the amazing pictures of my witch and my ninja girl and my Dalek, but you will have to deal with just my cell phone pictures.  Anyway, they loved the darkness.  We took Gio with us, complete with a Jolly Rodger Bandana with a sign demanding to know who stole his peg leg.  Gotta love tri-pawed humor.

After a bit, O got tired, so my oldest, who is now my assistant on the holidays that daddy works took O and Gio back, while I continued on with the other three.

They were exhausted.

The next day was the mass to bless the firefighters at St. Florian's parish.  FF had a long night and was unsympathetic to the drama of the previous two days.  I made some comment about how I needed to stop trying to fit too much in on shift days and he scolded me for being passive-aggressive.  

I am not sure how he survived the daggers my eyes threw at him.

I truly was reflecting that perhaps I need to scale back.  Especially on shift days. 

Let's just say, I sat with the kids in between us and it was a very quiet mass. Unfortunately, it took all of mass for me to remind myself he was tired and calm down that dang Irish temper I find myself with.

St. Florian's put on a lovely mass for us.  The reception and trick-or-treat gifts for the kids were wonderful as well.  It was so very nice.

From there, we got the costumes on, hit some grandparents up for candy, did some daylight trick-or-treating and came home exhausted...again.

The week did not get any better.  Work wore me out.  Tuesday was carpool, state standardized tests (which RUIN kids for the rest of the day), running from school at the end of the day, to the firehouse to take some meds to my hubby, to the grocery store since lunches were near impossible that morning to turning in football gear...I made it home shortly after 7pm to be bombarded by "MOMMA, I need this NOW!" drama.  I was hungry and tired and exhausted again.

It was so busy that another FFW was worried and called because I went off the social media grid - no blog, no tweets, little action on FB.

So, my lovely FF bought a new stool for my vanity.  It is an antique that needs some love.  The stool is far too fragile for anyone to use.  So I have been either sitting on the corner of my bed or use a pocket mirror.  He had enough and found one that matched my wrought iron bed.  I was so excited!  (And so is my parakeet, daughter.)  He also mopped the floors and did some laundry.  Today he is taking care of the canine crew for me, having the vet come while the kids and are at school.

One more day of testing.  The weekend will be here soon and hopefully we can recuperate.  

I hope your lives are quieter and will get some pictures up here at lunch. 
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