Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It is Like the Twelve Days of Christmas Here!

I am having such a great day!  I love talking about what really happened with the Spartan 300, my FF will be home from his 48 when I get home, fall is firmly upon us and I could smell it in the air as I left for school this morning.  

AND then, our head engineer brought me up two heavy boxes!  I knew instantly what they were and was like a kid on Christmas morning.  You know... when you know what it is the instant you take the paper off the gift.  I could not contain myself.  And clearly it was contagious.  My kids could not keep their hands off the books as I unpacked and unwrapped it.

Drawn and Quarterly graciously donated a class set of We Are On Our Own, a memoir by Miriam Katin. It is a story of survival during and after the Nazi occupation of Budapest, that so many of my kids can relate to.  The images are beautiful.  The history is raw and heart-wrenching.  The internal battle is so real in the images, that I am absolutely amazed by how Ms. Katin could capture the emotion and struggle.  The world collapsing around her shook her to her core and it took a lifetime to begin to come to grips with the scenes that played through her childhood memories.

Unfortunately, it is a world my kids can relate to, even though they may not see it.  The living conditions and the prejudice they face, may not be the same, but the emotions and the uncertainty are definitely something many of my kids can relate to. 
My hard core thugs were reading through the beautifully illustrated graphic novel - before I could even get them out of the box.  The artwork truly spoke to them. I am hopeful that it will lead them not only understand the environment of Europe during and after World War II, but also to understand that it is our collective responsibility to speak for those without a voice (not unlike the message of the parable of widow and the judge this Sunday that my muppets latched on to) and be sure to speak out for them.

I am excited to get my kids not only reading this novel, but also tapping into their dormant analytical skills! I will be sure to fill you on how my inspiration comes to light.  I am so excited to get to these graphic novels, that I am ready to skip the rest of the ancient world and middle ages and make my way to the modern era!  <sigh>  I will be patient

Be sure to check out Drawn and Quarterly for your reading pleasure.  If you have a reluctant reader, perhaps graphic novels are the way to go.  Reading is reading.  The rest will come, but you have to get the kids to buy into it someone.  Speak to them in their own language - art.

To Peggy at Drawn and Quarterly, your generosity will not soon be forgotten.  The impact your donation makes will have such an amazing ripple effect!  Kudos and gratitude to you and your company.

Peace and gratitude from here to you.
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