Monday, October 21, 2013

I am Truly Humbled

I am truly hunbled by the fire family.

They never cease to amaze me.

The fire service tells you at orientation that it is a family, a brotherhood, that they take care of their own when the need arises.  Whether it be through personal tragedies or loss in the line of duty, it makes no difference.  They are there for one of their own.

I have seen this first hand - all for the need of books.

Earlier this month, I put out a plea for help.  I developed a project in order to fill the void of our over stretched budget.  I simply wanted to see if they would help me spread the word that there was a need for books - written at an age appropriate level AND an appropriate reading level.  That is a bit of a challenge given how many of my kids are nearing adulthood and still struggling.  Graphic Novels were my answer.  I was truly hoping that my social media contacts are wide reaching and I was hoping they would help me spread the word and perhaps a wealthy philanthropist - Oprah, Bill Gates, etc - would sweep in, take pity and help build my department library.

Instead it was the fire community that took the charge and was first on scene.  My fire wives led the charge.  They spread the word on Facebook and donated from their hearts.  My first nine benefactors were firewives.  I was literally moved to tears and cannot begin to put my emotions to words.  Some FFWs rallied their friends and families to help out.  They were there for me.  Some were virtual strangers and some I have been blessed to meet in person.  They are my sisters in fire and were there for me from the word GO!

A little closer to home, one of our local Lts. took it upon himself to see what he could do.  At first, he thought a week should cover it, but has now found that it to be a bit more challenging than he expected.  None-the-less, when I stopped at  the firehouse to drop something off to my FF, I had a package waiting for me. (Poor jealous fireman - I get mail at the firehouse all the time and he does not.)  I got my first two graphic biographies from my favorite Lt. - an absolutely wonderful addition to our library.  My heart was humbled (there that is again - no other word really covers it) and at the same time, filled with pride.  These are indeed my people. They make sure our city's kids have coats for the winter and books in their classrooms.

Donations have continued to come in from Facebook.  My family, Facebook friends (even those I made through Sorority Life, who'd a thunk it!) and real life friends have made this come to life.

My heart...

I truly have no words. And I am not often speechless.  

In two weeks time, my friends and family have helped my raise over $1250.  I have only $157 to go and I know that will come soon enough.

With all of the bad press that comes from the fire world - foolish shenanigans of late, budget crisis issues, shopping on shift, etc - I cannot say anything other than I am truly loved and supported by, as well as blessed to be part of this world.

I am in a new school of strangers, still figuring things out and the fire world is right here with me, making sure I have the tools I need to make my crusade come to fruition.  There is no line item in any budget to bring this to life and yet, here it is.

Love and gratitude to you all.

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