Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Long Time Coming

Today was beautiful and heartbreaking and far over due.  About a month ago, I blogged about a FFW I met online.  As we were chatting, we bonded over Milwaukee.  Her family was from the area, even though she was in Texas.  And as the conversation continued, I found out her grandfather was MFD, who died from smoke inhalation when he returned to quarters from a fire.

Today, was the day her family finally got to see her grandfather's name on the memorial, along with 26 other names, newly added.  A FFW from the next county over joined us.  And it was a lovely service.  The historical society found pictures and artifacts for the family.  The assistant chief gave them a tour of 2s.  Overall, absolutely beautiful. (But, the best story has nothing to do with the fire service at all.  As the speakers we speaking, a BRIGHT blue 80-something Monte Carlo with rims up to there, pulled up, bass pumping.  Once he looked over at the service, he immediately turned down the music in respect.  That will forever be ingrained in my brain.) 

And it was a beautiful service.  There are more details to share, but I will wait until Beth shares, this really is not my tale to tell. The department, the city and the families, have not forgotten and that is what is significant.

It was just another illustration of how the fire department is so much more than a company or coworkers, they are family.  I found I have another sister in fire.

Captain August Gutzmann, you are not forgotten.  You should be so proud of your family and your department.

Hug those FFs tight today.  
My FF helping set up - look at the banner at the MPM - I was trying sooo hard to shoot around it, to no avail. 

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