Thursday, March 20, 2014

Because the Day Ends in Y

That is my response to many questions.  Why did you cut your hair?  Why do we have to clean our room?  How come you're being so mean?

So, today.  It is indeed Thursday.  And, amazingly Thursday ends in Y. What are you going to do today because the day ends in Y?  Random acts of kindness?  Wild and craziness abounds? Take time to just sit back and reflect?

Tomorrow is not promised and really neither is the end of the day.  But right now you can do astonishing things. Feed the hungry, sign up to be a volunteer at your local elementary school or senior center.  The possibilities abound!

You could stop telling your hubby you need to go on a date sometime and snag him for pizza at your neighborhood pizzeria.You could  take your muppets to see the new Muppets movie.  You cut off your hair and donate it to locks of love.  You could find a dog rescue that rehomes your favorite breed and help socialize and entertain the pups, if they have quite a few on hand like our fave.  

Or if you are constantly on the run like us, you could all stay home.  Order in cheap pizza and eat off the living room floor while you introduce your kids to the cheesiness of the 80s movies.  (Keep it age appropriate people!) You could rent Frozen and snuggle under a blanket. 

If you are like me, you are going to be wishing all day that you had taken off of work, but I had St. Paddy's Day on Monday.  So, I will be bugging the boys in my department and be watching basketball as soon as I walk in the door...after chess practice and test make-up.

You could take your FF on a picnic lunch...if you are lucky enough to have grass and not mud...and have the flexibility in your schedule...and your FF is not on shift.

Today ends in Y.  BUT, don't you fret your pretty little head, none. If today does not work, I have NEWS for you, tomorrow does as well.  Well, not TOMORROW, but Friday does. And the day after and the day after and the day after THAT even.

Truly ASTONISHING! Enjoy your day.  Enjoy your muppets.  Enjoy your FF.  All because the day ends in Y.  So...what are YOU going to do today because it ends in Y??

Me...I am off to make sure my muppets survive breakfast and I get as much bball in in the next few days as I can. 

Happy DAY!

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