Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Lent is upon us.  Fat Tuesday was yesterday, and I indulged.  Starbucks and paczkis and Buffalo Wild Wings and Classic Slice Pizza in between kids' conferences and extra soda was a bit much, but it was an enjoyable day with my husband and good reminder that not all of this needs to be part of my life.

Every year I give up soda for Lent.  I hope that by the end of Lent, I will have broken my desire for it and I have to have that happen.  This year, instead of just soda, I also decided to give up caffeinated beverages of all kinds.  Which means no more Starbucks, along with my no more Coke.  I am also going to fast M-F and share my evening meal with my family.  I am finding that I am turning to food for comfort and solace when things get insane instead of to my people.  That needs to change.

I am giving up all of my lunch hours, as well.  This time can be used for studying, make up work, help with an assignment.  I will check on co-workers if there is no one in my room - be an ear or a sassy joke  or just an adult face.  It all helps at some point. 

Last year, I made a pledge during Lent to share with the Muppets, everyday, why I was blessed to have them in my life.  I failed miserably because my broken ankle impeded my ability to get up the stairs to their rooms.  I will probably revisit that again the future, before my oldest leaves the nest.  So this year, I decided, after reading a friend's post, that I will give up complaining for Lent.  

Truth and accuracy department - I goofed up within an hour of making my declaration - about gas prices of all things.  BUT, like I preach to the kids.  Falling down is okay, staying down is not.  As of this moment I have made it a whole 3 hours and 18 minutes!!  It will be tough because my department (of males) tends to turn our department meeting into a bit of a b*&$# fest, but I got this.  

So, even if you are not Catholic, perhaps this could be a time of self reflection and self improvement.  What can you do to make a better YOU? 

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