Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some Enchanted Evening

Our second Muppet was born on our 4th anniversary.  I knew that was going to happen from the moment we got our EDD - Sept 13.  I knew he would be an anniversary present.  It was the worst delivery, scarred me forever, but he was so worth it.  But, it has meant that we gave up our day, for all these years.  Until this year.  
The day before our anniversary, he was acting weird.  I couldn't go pick up a Harley-Davidson jacket that I bought off of Craigslist and I could not run to school in the morning.  I knew something was up, but he really did good.

It started with roses being delivered...on our pre-anniversary.  The kids were outside and came along as a  squealing escort  to the door.  With my makeup just begun - so attractive.

Hmmm, reservations at 7?  He gave me too much of a clue and I guessed the first time.  But, oh, such an indulgent treat!!

From there we had to be somewhere downtown by 9pm.  He was very clear that it had to be 9pm.   We parked at the firehouse, of course. Hmmm,came up to the Pabst theater...but kept walking.  We were waiting by the PAC and Phantom is in town, but 9 is not a time for a show to begin.

A carriage ride through downtown, of course!! So wonderful.  Nick, the beautiful percheron steed of the evening was a wonderful tour guide and Carla, his owner was so much fun to talk to.  It was a lovely evening!!  And it ended all too soon, but I loved every minute of it.

From there, we went to my favorite dueling piano bar.  Again, so much fun.  

He could not have planned a perfect evening if he tried!  My Prince Charming planned the most ideal Enchanted evening.  It was the most romantic night.  Not too shabby for a silly fireman! ;)
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