Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's just one of those days...

when nothing seems to go your way.  That would be today.

Days, where nothing you do seems to go your
Way, you just got started, but you can’t
Wait, for that setting sun to come
Be glad your day is done
And hope tomorrow ain’t just another one
Those Days

Last night, got everyone settled in - finally.  Dogs bedded down for the night.  I went down to our bedroom to read and hopefully catch some sleep.  Dozed some time after 10:30 - good time.  My firefighter called at 11:30pm.  I am not going to miss a chance to touch base with him  so we chat for a  bit.  Which all well and good, except I am one of THOSE people.  Once I am up, I am up. My firefighter, instantly falls back to sleep.  I am so jealous. So, about 2am I started to get drowsy, only to be woken up by a great pyrenees with an upset tummy at 2:30.  Mind you - I am glad he woke me up, rather than have the alternate scenario.  That cold air definitely heightens the senses and gets the juices flowin'!  Get back to bed, watch the world news, start to drift off somewhere around 4:30.  Muppets are up at 5AM!!!!

My firefighter comes home at 9.  I asked if he would be willing to do breakfast - nope he's tired, he had to get the ISO up twice last night.

I get to let him sleep for an hour, while I get the Muppets up and dressed, so I can drive ninety minutes to my in-laws and be happy and cheery.

Didn’t know when I woke up today
Waking up was my first mistake
My first mistake

Outside my window the sun is shining
Birds are singing, maybe it’s beginning to get better
You never know how it’s gonna go
It’s just one of those days
You think things might be looking up
But what’s that, a tow truck
Pulling up to your car
Of course it is
Cuz’ it’s just one of those days
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