Thursday, December 30, 2010

My phone never rang last night

It has become a ritual - I go to bed, watch TV or read and just as I fall asleep - no matter the time - my hubby calls to check in.  Last night that did not happen.  So instead of waking up to my phone last night, I woke up to 2 half naked ballerinas, fighting over the same tutu.  I panic for a moment - look at my phone, certain that I slept through his call, only to find a dark screen.  WHAT?!  I had it plugged and on my dresser - it should have charged.

This phone is BRAND NEW - my old Centro was dying - the screen did not always come up and we stopped at the Sprint Kiosk while we were Christmas shopping and upgraded it - this phone is literally 8 days old.  My husband got the same phone and had to exchange it within a few weeks because he could only talk on speaker phone.  So, perhaps there is an issue with this model?

Now, some background - my husband and I both took a significant paycut for our current positions - essentially another salary.  Private schools don't pay NEAR as much as the public, but let me tell you - the lack of stress in the work day is worth every penny.  Same is true of a first year firefighter, not near as much as he made in the classroom - although he will make his back up, unlike me. :(  So, we had to tighten the belt a bit, and out went the house phone.  Vonage was nice - when it worked, we went through more  modems and most of the time calls were forwarded to my cell phone any way.  So we thought it was a no brainer - lose the house phone and gain some money.  Until today!

I don't like this feeling - how will anyone get a hold of me if something happens?  What if I have a seizure, how will the kids call 911?  What if Liv's sugars spike?  Since she has no dx yet, that means I have no glucagon and would have to wait until 38 got here - mind you they are literally just around the corner - but walking next door, knocking on a door, waiting for someone to answer - all takes time.  I know these are all worst case scenarios, but they are real possibilities.  I don't like this at all.

So, do I pack up all 4 kids and pray they can behave while I exchange the phone?  I know my dad has a half day today because of a dentist appt. - maybe he can take them while I run in.  I am expected to drop some stuff off at the firehouse, but I am not sure I can make all th phone calls to get the stuff I need for him.  I cannot WAIT for this time tomorrow!!
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