Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids Are Really Awesome!

Five or six weeks ago, I wrote a post about a Fond du Lac police officer and Kenosha native, who lost his life in the line of duty.  I was moved by how the community at large was really impacted by losing one of their own. I was amazed at how the parish and people of the area felt the loss.  I was also amazed at how it struck me - I am not from Kenosha nor did I know Officer Birkholz.

Savannah Raddatz with her father, Fond du Lac Police Officer Dave Raddatz.
Savannah Raddatz, 12, displays one of the bracelets she is selling to benefit the Craig Birkholz Memorial Fund. She is the daughter of Dave and Vicky Raddatz.Now I am reminded of why I love my job.  Not that I am not reminded everyday, but when I got the Kenosha paper from my box at school this morning there was an article about a 12 year-old girl in Fond du lac, daughter of an FdL police officer, who was one of the first on scene that day, nearly struck by the gunfire.  She felt the same pit that my kids felt, that I felt.  What if...?  We all hate that question, but it pops into her mind.  Rather than letting it eat her alive - making her fearful, she put those emotions to good use.  Believe it or not, middle school kids, as well as high school kids are awesome this way.  They see something tragic and they want to find good in it.  That is exactly was this inspiring young lady did.

Savannah Raddatz with the T-shirt she is selling.
Savannah Raddatz, put her fear into something therapeutic and beneficial to the community.  She designed bracelets  and T-shirts to benefit the Craig Birkholz Memorial fund.  Is there a better therapy?  I think not!  Kudos, Savannah!  You have made us all proud.  Hug your Dad, he is a hero.  We can all take a page from your book!

Photos by Justin Connaher - The Reporter
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