Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now the Next Step

My FF was definitely on the more experienced side of his class as he started his new career last Halloween.  And trust me, that has nothing to do with his firefighting background.  He was one of the OLD MEN of the class.  Not the oldest, but definitely up there.  Because he is starting out 10-15 years AFTER his classmates, I think he feels a certain sense to push himself to advance.  So, today is his interview for the Paramedic program.

J has been torn as to what to do.  He still enjoys fighting the fires.  He has not seen enough of them for it to become old hat.  Although, I am certain that he will always still get the rush they bring him.  However, when you have deputy chiefs, the battalion chief and your captain all actively persuading you, it is hard to ignore.

The first steps are done, we put together his new resume, he took the initial basic skills test. In a few hours he will have his interview.  I have no doubt that he will do well.  He ROCKED his orals to become a FF - took him from 325 to 113 on the eligible list.  My FF just wants to help people.  His calm nature and attention to details will make him an awesome medic.  I am excited to get home and hear what he has to say about it.

Aside from his natural do-gooder personality, I think there is also a career advancement thought behind this.  As I said earlier, he is 10-15 years older than most of the other guys in his class.  J feels, I believe, he has to quickly make up for lost time.  If he is accepted as a Paramedic, he will be able to apply to become a lieutenant a year earlier.  Once he is an officer, I see him being much more comfortable with where he is.  J LOVES being a FF, but I think he has such high standards for himself and feels this is a definite first step in the rest of his firefighting journey.

Good Luck, Honey!  We Love You!!
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