Thursday, May 5, 2011

Never a dull moment

After dinner, my FF and I were dealing with some pre-teen angst over loading the dishwasher.  Our oldest didn't feel he should have to do and sat on the kitchen floor.  While we were rationalizing with the insanity of the tween psyche, there came a scream from the backyard and in came our toddler - hand on her head, in tears.  I was prepared to kiss her boo-boos since my magic kisses still work.  Until she took her hand off her head and started gushing.  Turns out she tried to use our oldest's skateboard - no good.

We got her cleaned up, took a look at the hole in her head and decided she needed to be either glued or stitched and so Daddy was going to take her in.  However, there was a few issues with that scenario - A)  We do still have 3 other kids and it is still a school night, B) This was going to be 2 man job - someone had to keep pressure on her head while we were in transit, C) O wasn't leaving my lap.  So, we called Grandpa and acted as chauffeur, while Daddy tended to the other muppets.

We were in and out in less than an hour, 90 minutes round trip.  Pretty good, I was impressed.  Cleaned her up, glued her shut and sent us on our way.  O is a trooper.  She handles pain and tragedy amazingly well.  So, we are home, she is in bed, with a lovely story to tell.
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