Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

The Blue Shift is notorious for hitting holidays - not sure what it is and the Fourth of July is not different.  For me, that was okay.  The big fireworks in our area are on the 3rd, so we could go out on the lake and watch the fireworks.  Life was good.  Then a last minute family picnic came up, with my hubby family is first.  So, I was a bit saddened.  I love fireworks.  Not sure why, I just do.  I think J knew that, even if I didn't say anything.  He made good.  The opening night of Summerfest is the Big Bang, probably just as big, if not bigger than our 3rd of July fireworks.  We took the sailboat out, dropped anchor and enjoyed the lake while waiting for the light show to begin.  Daddy hailed the Trident and got to show off his fireboat to his kids and his sailboat to his colleagues, it was a win/win a that moment.  And AMAZINGLY, all 4 kids stayed awake and were BEAUTIFUL for the fireworks. 

Yesterday was the family gathering - the muppets had fun.  Family got to bond.  And my FF still found me some fireworks - with a nice view, on our drive home. Today, my firefighter is off to keep the world safe from themselves and the scary combination of booze and gunpowder.  He took care of his family and now he is taking care of others. It is his willing sacrifice for the community he serves.

Freedom Isn't Free
So, as you celebrate, grill, drink, enjoy the various light shows - please remember what it is we are celebrating.  We are celebrating freedom from tyranny and oppression.  Freedom from taxation without representation - our voice deserves to be heard, no matter how quiet.  Freedom to practice our beliefs without persecution.  Freedom to love and associate with whomever we choose.  Freedom to live, work, study, wherever our lives and talents take us.  And most of all, please remember that freedom is never free.  There are sacrifices which must be made - sometimes the ultimate sacrifice - all for the greater good.  Take a moment to remember that the Continental forces took on the supreme power of the age and WON!  But, not without cost.  There were lives and limbs lost to battle and weather, to hunger and disease - all to ensure that future generations would be heard.  Please be sure to remember and to be thankful.  Thankful to those who won us our Independence and  those who continue to fight for that Independence.

So, instead of Happy 4th of July, how about Happy Independence Day!
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