Friday, July 22, 2011

Nothing like having life come at you ubber fast!

WOW! I just feel like someone hit the fast forward button, but doesn't actually know how to use the remote.  My last post was a tribute to my Curly boy, the vet brought him home a few days ago.  I am odd that way.  All of our dogs are cremated and brought home with us.  They will all be buried with me.  Some people think it is crazy, which is why I don't ask their opinions.  His beautiful urn should be here today.  I feel like a slacker because I didn't have it when he came home.  But the last service our vet used sent them home in a beautiful rosewood case.  This service, however, did a paw print and curl clipping - that was sweet.

The day after my last post, I left for Memphis for a 1 to 1 Laptop Conference.  It was GREAT!  Some presenters were stronger than others, but overall, it really got the batteries recharged.  One of the other teachers - we both came from the same school district and were new this year - we really have plans going for the conference next year and a student mentoring program.  It was great!

Beale Street was also the best medicine.  I LOVED going out every night.  The music was great.  Adult conversation was needed.  It made it so much easier to come home and deal with life.  I hate to say it, but the timing could not have been better.  J did not have to do the heartbreaking alone and I did not have to feel guilty because I did not say good-bye.  I am still not sleeping well - I had the same thing when we put our Riley boy down, but I am hoping that I will be so bust that I won't be able to NOT sleep!

Property Image 1So, my flight came in at 9pm and 12 hours later, we were signing the papers for our new house.  The bedrooms are bigger, there is a living AND a dining room.  I don't have to turn one into the other to fit my children around a table.  Best part - I am a hop skip and a jump from my school, as opposed to an hour plus!   I can't WAIT for the first to come.  They are painting and cleaning it for me as we speak.  WHICH MEANS - I have been packing this house up - ALONE.  My hubby has been working or on jury duty.  He is on day 2 of a 48.  Yesterday was CRAZY for our MFD.  Fire after fire after fire.  J did not get to sleep until after 5am.  He is compressed air today.  It was funny to hear him on the feed today.  Makes for an easy morning for him.  All of this is during the 95-105 degree days we have been having.  NOT FUN!  So, my hubby will be able to sleep tomorrow when he gets home, the muppets are going with me to hang out at my dad's house.  Dad is working, so he won't be bugged by the crew and daddy can sleep for the morning.

I am back to packing and trying to sell of my hubby's classroom off so we don't have to move that with us!

Happy Friday.  I think my hubby will be able to help me after he gets a nap in tomorrow.  Wish me luck!
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