Friday, July 1, 2011


It is a nice place for a FireWife to be.  Especially when so much craziness, frustration, sometimes tears and heartbreak lead up to it.  My path to acceptance, luckily, has not come out of tragedy.  Simply self-preservation.  I have officially accepted  that life will not settle down.  My hubby, no matter how much he swears he'll get more done on his off days, simply won't.  My children will never voluntarily help out around the house without request and a bit (or a lot) of prodding.  Just the way life is.  So...after a few weekends of pulling my hair out, I think I am finally in a good place.  Some nights dinner will just have to be frozen pizza.  Sometimes when the kids want to have friends over, I will simply answer with a question - is your room clean?  The family room?  Sometimes when the kids all want to do something different, it is okay to say no and be guilt free.  When my FF can't find his clothes for work the morning of, I will ask him if they were put in the laundry basket.  That will simply be the answer.  Some days the laundry will simply have to wait - today is one of those days. It will still be there tomorrow when my FF makes his way home from E2.  He can do the heavy lifting for my sad lower back.  Some days, it is okay to just breathe.  Even though I am a FireWife, it is okay to NOT be a super heroeveryday.  It is okay just to be.                                                                           

So, that is what this morning was for me.  Luckily, my toddler is awesome at entertaining herself - it was a tea party in her room, with babies and reluctant k9s as guests, most of the morning.  The Three Stooges are up at the neighborhood school for the day camp, I believe today they are hanging out at the water park at Hoyt Park - could there be a more perfect day for that?  Me?  I am simply catching up with friends, reading the paper with Pandora in the background and breathing.  Mind you - I am indeed following O's movements so that my house doesn't totally explode.  I also have our 3 K9s plus a BIG rottie from across the street hanging out with us.  It is far too hot for them to be outside, so I have four rather LARGE shadows as I move from room to room.   I don't want to lull you into any idea that my house is quiet and calm by any stretch just, just less stressed.  This afternoon I am going to work on some curriculum, while O naps.

Next week is still crazy, J's family is getting together on the 3rd - was not on my radar until recently, he works the 4th, the 5th he is helping his sister unpack/move, he works the 6th and the 7th and I leave town for a conference in Memphis on the 9th.  Things are still crazy.  I am looking forward to leaving my hubby with the muppets for 5 days, as awful as that is to say.
Have a safe and festive holiday weekend, if you are in the States.  Remember the premises our country was built upon and lives that have been lost defending those ideal.  Thank a vet and take a moment to remember those who will never have the opportunity to be thanked for their sacrifices.  Happy 4th of July!
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