Saturday, September 1, 2012


Okay, so maybe the YouTube video has nothing to REALLY do with this post, per se.  I think it is more than likely my stunted wish to get by butt to Chicago to see Wicked, finally.  I mean I work 7 miles from the FIB border, how hard  can it be??  Ah well.  It was  the first thing that came to mind as J made a comment to me - "tsk, tsk...It must be SO rough to be SO popular."

I am the department chair for my department.  Usually it just means going to extra meetings, periodic check-ins to see how everyone is doing, leading department meetings, ordering materials...nothing too crazy.

This year in my department, I have 2 teachers that are new to our building - 1 brand new to teaching - and 2 that are still working on balancing teaching, with grading, paperwork, meetings, parents, etc.  I also have a very friendly staff, who love to chit-chat and make their way to my door, even though it is off the beaten path.  Most of the time, all of this would be fine.  But it is the beginning of the year.  I spent the better portion of our work week getting my people settled and putting out some small fires among teachers and I got nothing done in my classroom.  I am just oh so lucky that our janitorial staff works around my classroom, allowing me to leave most things up on my walls or I would really be in trouble!!  I just need to get started.

My mornings, I try and come in early - 6:30am.  My kids don't always make that time very fruitful.  I drop them off at the other campus at 7:15am, where I am blessed to have another teacher willing to take my 3 stooges for me and race back to try and make due with the last 10 minutes before the kids start to report.  Yeah...that has yet to work.  Teachers need help, kids need help, teachers have ideas that they want to bounce off of me, kids just LOVE to hang out in my room.  For a few days, I just cringed.  <sigh>

Ah well,  if you can't beat them, join them.  It is much more enjoyable.  SO, I am going to really crank out curriculum for my senior class - that has never been taught in our school - over the weekends.  I am going to have my Canvas page set up in advance of the week starting and simply enjoy the people who want to be part of my life.  Why fight it?  Just enjoy the popularity and be grateful the kids actually WANT to be in my room.

Enjoy your Labour Day Weekend!

Kiss your FFs and hug your kids.  Say a prayer of thanks that they are yours.
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