Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good thing I am married to a firefighter

And live next door to a firefighter.  I am leaving the compound and they will have to fend for themselves.

I am gone for 24 hours for an accreditation in-service on the  other side of the state.  That means Daddy will totally be in charge.  Daddy will live Mommy's life for a a day - get baths done tonight and everyone in bed, kids up tomorrow - early, make sure that the three oldest are in uniform and that O does not wear a tutu to school.  Drive to school and back and school and back.  (I did already make meals for the next few days, so I know they won't go hungry!) I emailed our Lower Campus Secretary to see if she had a subbing job for my FF, so he could avoid another home and back to school trip and feel that he has some purpose.

Let's hope the Muppets are running the show.  And that they boys don't have to use their mad fire skills to put out the flames of a rogue science experience that did not set off Daddy's Spidey sense like it would Mommy's.  I would like to come home and sleep in my bed tomorrow night.  
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