Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am just going to have to say no

Saying no is something that I have SUCKED at lately.

I am finding myself buried under bailing everyone else out and it is wearing on me.  Today I am going to say no.  This weekend, I organized babysitters and RE-organzied them when they all bailed on me for a marriage retreat here at school.  I am all about helping with supporting marriages and keeping them healthy, so I was happy to do it.  Then the person who was in charge, somehow forgot they were going out of town during this event and now I found myself in charge of not only getting the babysitters, but also supervising them.  THEN I found out I was acting as hostess.  Got a welcome speech written (and it was dang good if I do say so myself).  Take B and our 5th grade neighbor to be my go-fers.  Finally get the list of kids and find that there are FIVE babies coming.  We are a high school, there are no cribs, exersaucers, etc for me to put babies in when I need my hands.  Call the parents to help out. And away we go on a Saturday night.  

When playing with my phone was
no longer working and the shrieks returned.
Get there and the first set of kids (also the last to leave) have HORRIBLE separation anxiety.  A 7 month old who won't let me put her down and either screamed or wimpered the ENTIRE three hours and her 2 year-old sister, also crying, "I want mommy, sniffle, I want daddy."  THE WHOLE TIME!!  Mine, never went through this.  5 minutes after I left, they were off playing with their friends.  Mom said (about the baby), "Yeah, I don't really put her down much."  Oh, really, I couldn't tell.  Not going to get on my soapbox about my parenting style, but I am so happy my kids had the self-confidence to be without me.  The other babies slept beautifully, thank God!  I don't know what I would have done, considering there were 40-some other kids and 5 teen-agers to  help supervise.  So, get packed up, get my two minions in the car and it is now 9:30pm, with a 4 minute drive ahead of us.

Sunday, I packed up and went 4 hours northwest for a conference.  Unknowingly leaving Daddy with 2 puking kids ( I dealt with the one who started this the night before. (Now he gets the curse of the Blue Shift - since it was indeed a Blue Shift and I was away!)  While on this trip, I find out a TON of stuff is not getting done that is supposed to be getting done and I take on some of those responsibilities for the following weekend (which also includes two birthday parties, a football practice and the Championship game) just to be sure it is done.  Come home the next night, one more puking Muppet and Daddy takes a City Owed trade so I do not have to miss school.  Get to school (with ONE non puking Muppet) and find out there is an issue with lunch coverage, they were going to ask a sub to take it.  He can barely handle a classroom, how will he  handle a lunch hour.  It is my lunch, I volunteer to take it.

Today, the same people who needed lunch coverage emailed me this AM, "we also have ________________to do today, can you cover lunch again" or something to that effect.  I am kind of tired.  My FF is the next to take on the virus that is going through the house, no surprise given all the clean-up he has done.  AND there is a football game at 8pm tonight, again 45 minutes away.  

I am going to have to say no.  Something's gotta give.

Hug your kids tight and kiss your FFs good-bye as the leave for shift.  Make sure they all know that you love them.
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