Thursday, October 11, 2012

Waiting for the Spirit to Move Me

I am not sure if life has overwhelmed me or if I just have writer's block.  Maybe writing about not knowing what to write will open the flood gates and I can start writing again.  Who knows.  Everything in my head is not really meant for this forum.  It needs to come out, but I am not sure this is the proper place.  And so I am struggling for ideas on what to write about.

Tomorrow we bury a Firefighter, who within weeks of retirement last week found out he had a Glioblastoma and our neighbors bury their second son in just a few weeks.  a coworker of mine just found out she has Neuromyelitis Optica, another friend of mine is going in for another follow-up mammogram tomorrow.  It just seems like I want to scream ENOUGH ALREADY! I know can pray more, but I am not really finding things that I can DO, per se.  And I don't like feeling like this.   I am not questioning my faith, been there done that.  Got the T-shirt.  I am questioning the Whys of all of this.  Not my place, I get it.  But, none-the-less I am looking for answers.  And looking for what I can actually DO!  Please send prayers for healing and guidance this way.  So many people need it.

Tonight is the opening mass for the Year of Faith that starts today in the Catholic Church.  I will be at the Cathedral tonight. Hopefully, my FF will take the three stooges with him when he picks up N from football practice.  7pm is kind of late to ask little ones to sit quietly, especially when their day starts at 5am.  That would not be fair.  I am hoping that it will center me and I can find some guidance.  The ability to lose the attitude that I am developing with all of this I am witnessing.  It will happen, I will lose the grumpiness of it all.

Hug your kids tight and kiss your firefighters.  Tell them that you love them, more than they want to hear.  Nothing is guaranteed.  Time could be limited or you could be blessed with decades.  We just don't know.
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