Monday, October 29, 2012

I Did It!!

I really did!  I thought I did it this summer, but my sneaky husband tried to slip one under the radar and I actually didn't.

I got all of the laundry done.  All laundry, save what was at the firehouse and one my people's person was at least washed when I went to bed last night.  I have one load in a basket to be folded and one each in the washer and dryer.  The girls have two baskets of laundry I will guilt my FF into putting away tonight, but our clothes and the boys' clothes are all washed, dried, folded AND put away.  No small feat.

Small feat??  Still unsure of that?? Not in this house when there are 6 people - one in football, one who changes her clothes because the clock changed, one who is so covered in grime she must go through several outfits per day  and not when your FF unknowingly undermines your attempt all summer long to get all laundry done and keep up with it.  He "took over" laundry before we moved.  While he was "doing laundry"  much of it did not get done.  By the time we were settled and I was back to feeling like I had conquered laundry, it turns out some of that "DONE laundry" he "did" when  he "took over" laundry, simply got packed in a box. This was discovered right as I went back to school. That broke my spirit and we have been playing catch up ever since.   My basement was just one big mess o' laundry.  UGH!  
Not my pile o' laundry, borrowed from another mommy/teacher blogger with some of the same issues as mine.
Not her laundry mountain either.
Last week, I made a resolve to just get it done.  And even with football banquets and varsity games, homework and playtime, Halloween parties and trick or treating, I GOT IT DONE!  Now, how long will it last??  Hopefully I can maintain and have a plan in place for when I am going to be gone.  That seems to be when we fall behind.

Now, for that sock basket I spoke of last spring...that is still waiting for him and I am not giving in on that one!

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