Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And then the other shoe drops...

...or boot, perhaps.

I made it through the weekend.  I kind of hand everyone waiting on him hand and foot.  Which actually got annoying after a while.  If I want something to eat, I want something to eat.  It got old real fast.  I got tired of sleeping in the recliner, even though it was the only way to really keep it elevated and be sure the dogs don't step on it.  And that was only Sunday.

Monday my FF had to go into the hospital for a procedure that required he be put under. That meant I took off of work, life was fine.  While I was waiting I called the doc that the ER gave me.  Um, yeah.  He was a spinal surgeon.  He was not dealing with anything as mundane as a fib fracture.   So, I call my doc and ask her who I should see and she refers me to a doc, in the same hospital I was sitting in.  Wouldn't it be awesome if they could just get me in... HA, okay.

So, I call central scheduling.  Get forgotten about the first time.  The second time central scheduling get me into someone - at around 11am.  She asks if I cam come in at 1pm.  Sure, I am already here.  AND my x-rays were still in my purse.  How convenient is that??  

We head over to that part of this monster hospital.  Fill out the paperwork and I, of course, do a Google search on this doc.  Surgery for some of the Brewers, so clearly he's good at what he does.  Then I move on to patient reviews.  There is no middle ground.  People either love him or think he's a arrogant, egotistical SOB.  There is no middle ground whatsoever.  I think to myself, "GREAT.  Now I have to work with a big fat jerk. WONDERFUL."  Nothing like prejudging. <hangs head in shame>

I made my FF take a pic so I could see it in the casting room.
They take me back to the casting room where there are 8 tables set up.  They take off my boot, check my x-rays.  The resident and fellow take a look and agree that it is a pretty clean break that will probably not need surgery. Then it becomes a bit of a conveyor belt medical appointment.  He goes from table to table, taking a look and letting them know where they are.  And somehow, with 5 of us in there, he knew exactly what was where.  I was easy - the only female in the room, but it was impressive.  A BIG guy, quite gregarious. We exchanged some banter regarding my choice of hockey jersey for the day and actually hit it off really well.  He looked at my x-ray, told me it would heal just fine one its own. But, it will probably hurt because it will always run against your ankle bone.  UGH!

That means SURGERY! 

I tried to talk my way back into my classroom today.  Yeah, I am out through next Friday.  Double UGH!  The put me in a demi-cast, splint thing.  Plaster on three sides and batting and ace wraps the rest of the way around.  Poor guy grumbled the whole time because I should never have been put in that boot.
We were able to save my jeans, amazingly.  But here
are my FF's sweatpants from the academy.

So, today, I will have surgery to fix it.  Hardware and all.  Send your prayers my way, if you have a moment.  And to my surgeon. May his hands be steady and sure.

I'll see you on the other side. Hug your FFs and kiddos.  Have a happy Wednesday!
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