Monday, March 18, 2013

When to ask for help

It is not always the easiest.  Especially when you are used to just throwing everything on your back and just getting it done.  When you suddenly need help getting dressed and taking a shower, it is a whole new ballgame. 

I hate feeling like a burden.  Hate it.  I am a stubborn mule, if I can't do it myself, it probably doesn't really need to be done.  Not my best attribute, but it does, none-the-less, make up part of  who I am.  I can open the door and carry the groceries and get it from the top shelf all by myself.  Except, now, I really can't.  I can't go down to the bunker to grab some snacks, I can't stand long enough to get to the bathroom without pain - much less make dinner.  Heck, I cannot even change my own pants alone.  

If nothing else, this is a humbling experience.  

My husband has been amazing.  Never once has he said no.  Never once has he made me feel like an interruption or a burden.  He has just been wonderful.  He is the most loving and patient man I have met.  I see why he makes such an awesome med.  His compassion and love for people flows deep and is genuine.  You can't fake that.  He has also learned how much I do around here.  Laundry has been an issue and he is starting to see it.  Enforcing chores and making sure they are done right.  Meals - all the time. Getting dog food.  It sounds like silly mundane day-to-day things, but he now has to do them.  It is nice to know that he can see the other side of it now.

I have to learn that dog fuzz and messy counters can wait.  I can't stand up to get it done and it will just have to wait.  I have to ask for help getting in and out of shower and changing my underwear.  The most simple and yet personal parts of my day, I cannot do alone.  I have to ask for help.

Maybe this is also a time for me to learn to slow down.  I have snuggled with my girls more than I have since school started.  Chatted with my husband about nothing, more than usual.  Maybe the Big Guy was saying, "LISTEN UP Girlie Girl.  Time for you to reflect."  And here I am reflecting...a lot.
And I am a strong woman!

My FF is back on shift today.  It is our first day on our own without Daddy.  BUT, it also means he'll be home with me during the day tomorrow. :)  Wish me luck.

Kiss your FFs, snuggle with your muppets and enjoy your day.  And when you need it, ask for help.  

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