Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stir Crazy

So, I may or may not be a little touched to begin with.  That jury is still deliberating.

But you know it is bad when you are ubber excited to get out of the house and wait at the DMV to get your temporary handicap rearview mirror hanger thingy.

It is sad, really.

I just have to make it to Monday!  I get my hard cast.  Tuesday I get to go back to work.  I get to be a real person again.

My hubby has a cold and it is a shift day. Sniffle.  I am still working on getting him moving.  ;)  Not sayin' a word...
But, when he does come home tomorrow, he has a PO and a Vacation Day back to back, which gives him back to me for a week.  Exciting.

I am thinking about coloring eggs this weekend. Getting it done before it is the stressful night before would be good.  Off to Pinterest I go! 

Happy almost Friday.  Show some love to those FFs and muppets. Let them know how amazing they are.
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