Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Fast Can You Get Here?

Not the question I wanted to hear at 6:45 in the morning.  But it was the hospital calling.  Somehow my surgery got mixed up with the gentleman next to in the cast room.  Ladies first.

My FF had to stop in HQ for something, then we fought rush hour traffic, arrived at 7:25 and things went like dominoes.  I barely sat down after checking in when they called me back. It was amazing how smooth the transition was.  I have never seen people move so fluently for a surgery.  Within an hour they were taking me off to pre-op and then into the OR

I hate the foggy feeling after surgery.  I tried so hard to get myself to wake up.  In and out of it, I kept wondering where my FF was.  Why wasn't he back there with me?  No one ever told him. :(  The only hiccup of the day, but I felt bad when he came back.  You could see in his face that he was wondering what was going on.  It was not until he asked  where I was in the process that they told him I was in recovery for the last 45 minutes.

It was a clean break.  It required a plate with 5 screws and another screw through the bone for good measure.  My surgeon was going to show me the x-ray, but decided to wait until my follow up appointment.  I'll take a picture when I go in.  My D really wants to see it.  

Now, I am a prisoner in my own home for a few weeks.  Chillin' with the polar bears.  My hubby is on rtw (Return to Work) duty, so I have the luxury of having him home at night.  They have me on a portable nerve block for the next few days.  I can't feel anything from the knee down.  Still in the quasi cast split with an ace wrap while the swelling goes down.  

I have been sleeping in the recliner since I broke it on Saturday.  It is the only way to elevate it well enough and guarantee no dogs will jump up on it.  My awesome FF has been sleeping on the couch to keep me company.  It was the sweetest thing on Tuesday night - he pulled my chair over next to the couch so we could at least sleep near each other.  He has been amazing through all of this.  I am so very blessed to have fallen in love with this amazing man.

I'll have some picture for you after my appointment.  Until then, Love on your family and indeed know you blessed to have them in your life.  

Happy Almost Friday! 

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