Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Hate Grocery Shopping

But, it is necessary and therefore I clip my coupons and go on Saturday's Double Days.  I sit with my ads, make my list, life is good.  This past Saturday, I did not make a list.  My FFW gal pal next door texted me around 7am to see if I wanted to go and get it out of the way.  I told her to give me a few, threw on some clothes, brushed my hair and teeth (separately of course), grabbed my grocery bags and coupon binder and away I went.  My FF and Muppets were barely awake, still in their PJs, eating cereal and watching cartoons - like a Saturday morning should be spent.  I also know that my FF did not have his phone charged.  I knew this before I left.  AND I made a conscious decision to NOT plug it in for him and let him be the grown up.

That was my first mistake.

I went next door, chatted with my gal's muppets while she finished up brushing her teeth etc.  We left and went out to her garage.  We are on an alley and have smaller garages, so she was just going to pull out into the alley for me.  We've done it a million times.  Well, the warmer weather caused the snow to begin melting, but unfortunately our nights are still cold enough to freeze.  That means ice.  Ice that looks like snow melt.  Ice that is nice a slippery.  As FFW friend put it, "You were there and then you weren't!"

Nope, I was on my arse whimpering   I knew what happened.  I rolled my foot out and landed on my ankle.  I felt the crack.  I knew it was broken.  BUT, I told her let's go get it checked out...just to make sure it is not too bad of a sprain.  She went and got her FF - both of them were home, even though it was a shift day -AMAZING.  She went in told her FF that I went "down" which FFs seem to interpret as a cardiac event.  Not so much.  He was like, "really, she just fell."  Anyway, the ER is only 3 blocks away, she took me there instead of the grocery store.  ehhh...yeah, not what I had planned.

Picture taken so I could see it.
On long drive over, I try calling my FF.  And of course it goes straight to VM.  Tried the other phone.  No answer.  Ugh.  We call the other FF and tell him to go bug my FF.  After the usual FF banter regarding man down definitions, my hubby makes his way to the ER to relieve my FFW gal pal.  

I was still denying the break...until the x-ray tech came.

I was whimpering like a little puppy as she turned my ankle and tried to straighten it and position it and angle it.  I was oh so glad they talked me into the Percocet before the images were taken - I HATE pain meds, with a passion!  My FF and gal pal came back into my room with a pity filled look on their faces from listening to me.  I tolerate pain really well, so if I am fussing, it tends to worry my FF.

AMAZING ER nurse kept checking on, my stressed out, tired ER resident came in to tell me it was a simple break, I would be in a boot for a few weeks and life would be fine.  But he wanted me to see a "bone doctor" sometime in the next week.  They fitted me with a boot, handed me a CD of my x-rays and sent me on my way with the name of a specialist.

I was done fussing about my FF being home and goofing up my rhythm.  I am oh so thankful that he is.  And he has been amazing! But, it was a shift day none-the-less.  We just beat the odds by having both FFs home.

Hug your muppets, kiss your firefighter and enjoy your walk to the bathroom.  Don't take it for granted!  ;)

Lesson for the day...don't go grocery shopping too early on Saturdays.  Be lazy, enjoy the day.  Let the sun melt all that horrible ice...and then send your firefighter!

Happy Tuesday!

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