Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When Paths Collide

Sometimes people come and go in our lives.  Sometimes we know the reason, other times we know there must be SOME reason, it just has not been made clear to us.  Personally, I LOVE the people who SMACK you in the face.  You know instantly why they were put in front of you.  Neon billboard - BOOM there it is.  They make me smile and bring some weird pictures to my mind - think the Colosseum in the original Clash of the Titans

Just a few weeks ago, I had JUST that kind of a meeting...well, cyber meeting if you will.  Now, be prepared.  She will be telling her side of the story.  It will be much more fantastic than mine.  But, she was my example of the day.  

Fire wives - we are unique and we are family.  Just like blood relatives, some annoy you, some worry you, some make you laugh until you wet your pants, some can sing every musical you know - WITH YOU!  But every once is a while you hit it off FAMOUSLY and find out that she is more closely related to being your sister, than you even knew.

Case in point.  Random fire wife banter, leads to predictable fire drama.  I'll spare you the silly details.  BUT, what IS significant, is that she is from my area - even though she lives half a country away.  AND, even more important she is MFD family.  Her grandfather was a captain on a truck not far from where we currently live.

And he lost his life after a fire - smoke inhalation.  

It was a sad moment, but to brighten her day and her still broken heart, I offered to run down to Engine 2 and  take pictures of the memorial and her grandfather's name.  Life got in the way and it probably took me about a week and a half to get down there.  I started taking pictures - sunset was perfect.  And as I started looking for his name, I realized he wasn't there!  And my stomach dropped.  He is on the state memorial, how is he not here??!!  I checked and I know he was on the state memorial.  HOW CAN THIS BE?

This lovely fire gal, had forgotten all about it when I sent her a quick note.  In a nutshell, "You grandpa is not on there.  We are going to do some digging.  Do you know any details on his death?"  And that sappy gal (don't let her tell you she's not) got all mushy.  Two phone calls and four days later - there is a date set and this fallen captain will FINALLY get the recognition he deserved nearly 37 years ago.  His name will be on the monument and his family will get to partake in that recognition.  And, I will stand by her - tissues in hand - has his sacrifice recognized and remembered, along with that of many other FFs.  

One more name on that beautiful monument.  One more family told thank you.  One more time to let the families know, we have not and will not forget the sacrifice.  

Be safe.  Love and peace.
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