Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Control Freak

I am a control freak.

No question about it.  I am working on, but I am unsuccessful as of yet.

My Christmas tree was a prime example. Since the kids have their own, I didn't let them help me very much.  And I undid what they decorated.

I must have order in my kingdom. Order and balance and complimentary colors.

The kids have their own tree, colored lights, character ornaments, handmade loveliness.

And now our oldest is going back through and redecorating what the little muppets took so much joy in decorating.

Kids learn what they see, regardless of what you preach.

Same is true for my interactions with adults. I am a control freak. I will indeed take over just so things get done perfectly.

I must have order in my kingdom.

I have a student teacher.  Older than the traditional student teacher, but very much a baby in their own right.  And the university that sent from has created a year-long student teaching program. This semester is referred to as "student teaching lite".


I must have order in my kingdom.

This diet student teaching simply creates one more prep for me, with no time for it. In fact, working with this baby teacher takes away my prep period.  You know, the one I use to grade, make copies, place phone calls to parents, plan, etc.

Because, you know, I have SOOOOO much time at home to do this.

It is killing me to turn my class over to my baby teacher. I tried to hide in another classroom to just let him teach, but I could hear my kids.

There was no order in my kingdom.  There was chaos and profanity.  And as I walked by to peek, my baby teacher was looking lost.

I know that there is growth. I know that there needs to be practice, but these are my babies.

And I am a control freak,

Wish me luck and patience. This is my area of personal growth needs.

I must have order in my kingdom.

On much more sorrowful note, please send your thoughts and prayers to Philly. Firefighter Joyce Craig Lewis lost her life in the Line of Duty.  Kiss those firefighters of yours. Tomorrow is never promised. Peace.
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