Sunday, December 28, 2014

Knitting to Untangle the Snags in Life

This has been an exhausting winter break. 48s sandwiching the round robin of Christmas Eve Day, with a mandate thrown in on our shopping day. Sick little muppets and pup with Downs coming to join our pack - and all the preparation that comes with that! Cleaning rooms and baking cookies. Controversial decisions leading to my FF turning in his bunkers for bullet proof.

I needed something mindless. Reading can only happen when the muppets are asleep or not in the house. (That is a new thing since my hormone depletion.) Paperwork - yeah, I need to get to that, but have that scheduled for later in the week.  I needed something to do that allows me to unplug and disconnect, but still be around the muppets. 
O's current location as I type.

So, yesterday I ran to the craft store and grabbed some #9 knitting needs and some yarn and was all set to sit down with YouTube. Like a good member of the 21st century, I announced it on FB and one of my amazing friends from work invited the girls and me over for a lesson.  I think I was more polite than her usual EBD crew, but probably significantly more clueless. It was a nice break in this 2nd 48. Until O started complaining of a headache....and was hot to the touch. Never good.  So we rushed home.

And then I goofed up and started over.
I can cast on like nobody's business. Throw in that 2nd needle and it is like I have never used my hands a day in my life...and I end up pulling it all off. Hence the proficient level of casting on. 

My FF kinda snickered and asked what brought this on. Once we chatted he agreed.

I will never be my grandmother. I can see/hear her sitting at the kitchen table knitting away like it was nobody's business, while carrying on a conversation, making dinner and watching a Shirley Temple movie.  That will never be me. My damaged brain has stolen much of my fine motor skills from me, the beautiful baby blankets will never be coming from me. I will be more of a scarf and washcloth kinda gal...and I am okay with that.

I just want something to distract my mind. Distract my mind so I don't hear the buzz of social media causing concern or the cliche Dog with a Blog story lines. But, at the same time, I can look up and enjoy the giggles of my muppets. 

So, we'll see how this goes.
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