Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year is Upon Us

Because J worked a 48 hour shift - there was no way anyone could steal our firefighter away from us yesterday, which was nice.  Our kids really missed seeing their Daddy on this break and I got some time with my hubby as well as a much needed extra set of hands with he Muppets.  

We had quite a lovely day - after my meltdown.  Poor hubby - he came home to a frazzled wife, boys protesting the mean mom making them clean their room, girls fighting over the ONE Strawberry Shortcake doll received for Christmas and a K9 crew that had enjoyed the 53 degree day immensely, and had the mud coating to prove it.  And he wanted to nap.  So, I let him sleep for a few hours and then my phone started to ring and ring and ring - for him.  It was his uncle.  I could not get anything done, without him texting or calling.  I was refereeing, cleaning up spills and getting frustrated. "Just call your uncle so he leaves me alone."  Not sure he heard me - he does have this miraculous skill of selective hearing, which I cannot master.  I am envious of that.  Count.....breathe...count some more.   Everyone was down in the family room hanging out with the sleeping fireman, they missed so much - so I felt a moment where I could sneak away and - GASP - take a shower ALONE!  I know it is a greedy and frivolous extravagance  to covet such things, but I thought, "Ehh, J has a had a couple hour nap - he can handle it."  Yeah right.

I locked the bathroom door to keep our 2 year-old out - she likes to come and go at will, and an open door makes that more convenient for us, albeit drafty for me.  Needless to say, she was NOT happy at my self-centered gesture.  So, she was pounding on the door, the silly, "Momma, Mommmas"  turned into more desperate pleas and then into terror filled, "But MOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYY" cries.  Being one of four, she was not to be out done.  The informant came to the door with updates on his siblings, followed by the lawyers pleading their cases.  And I thought locking the door would make for a peaceful shower. Silly Momma, showers are for OTHER people.

When I came back down the meltdown happened.  His response was, "Yeah - I was worried you would not be able to handle stretches like this."  (In such a nonchalant tone, I could not believe my ears.)  Not handle what - Christmas ALL BY MYSELF, playing Santa, WRAPPING EVERY PRESENT ALONE, waiting until midnight for the last muppet to give in, getting the kids to all the Christmas locations, including the firehouse, making FIVE pans of french toast casserole so the CREW can have a nice breakfast on Christmas morning, delivering Christmas cookies so the kids could see their Daddy on Christmas Eve, troubleshooting Daddy's Skype issues when I should be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, so Daddy does not miss out on Christmas morning with his muppets,  keeping everyone quiet on the two days out of seven, he's been home, putting off the stack of papers that have calling for my green correcting pen, not sleeping for 5 of the last 7 nights because our great pyrenees goes on high alert when J is not home - alerting me to every noise (real or perceived), finishing the PPT for the skit the next day for J and the other cubs, two trips downtown with a fairy princess (complete with wings), a ballerina and two bickering boys - because Daddy forgot things needed for his Cubby skit (with other errands in between), sneaking out to get groceries while the girls are sleeping and hoping the boys don't burn down the house, taking in a FOURTH dog so my firefighter's uncle doesn't have a crazy lab that drives him crazy a night, not to mention the day to day struggles and adventures that come with four kids - all home for break.  Sorry, I guess I am a bit of a slacker, please forgive me.  Needless to say, my pot boiled over...perhaps it was necessary.  Still not enjoyable or pretty.

Once that was done, things actually felt better.  We had a nice afternoon by my brother's - saw our nephew before he heads back to Oklahoma today, had my grill master cook up the steaks we brought.  It was nice.  At the end of the night, we ran down to E2 - to get my laptop and allow J to be a vent for the cub on the red shift - got in trouble for having the nerve to play bean bag toss when invited by the others on New Years Eve.  What was he thinking??!!  :D  We got home and put some very overtired Muppets to bed around 10:30pm.  We threw in a movie - great movie, but probably not the best for me right now - Ladder 49.  It is my worst fear - that knock at the door.  But, it was actually a bonding moment for us.  Still...YIKES!!

So, we are at the New Year - we made it through the academy, a new school for the boys and me, the first 2 months of his probation period, our first Christmas - sans Daddy - and we are still standing.  For the New Year, I hope we find our groove and smooth are days into their routine.

May 2011 bring peace, joy and prosperity to you and yours.

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