Saturday, March 19, 2011

I LOVED Thursday

I have to admit it, I only pay attention to College Basketball throughout the season so I can make an educated bracket come March. I LOVE March Madness.  And, for the first time in my educational career, I was not sick on Thursday!  ;)  Spring Break came at the PERFECT time.  St. Paddy's Day on opening day of the Big Dance - who could ask for anything more.

Breakfast at Kelly's - not quite Tiffany's
So, Thursday we started with breakfast at one of the Irish bars - one of many.  After Jeff's horrible premixed bloody mary - the bartender in me CRINGED to see her pull out a can of Bloody Mary MIX.  Really - you can't figure out how to use celery salt, tabasco and salt/pepper.  There is not some big secret to it.  Ah well.  We parked at E2 - one of the perks of being stationed downtown and headed off to Water Street.  It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day - light breeze, full sun, 67 degrees.  I did not mind walking through downtown at all.  We hit a few bars - one, even with 3 bartenders and 10 people total, I could not get drinks for us.  Next one  - we were a bit on the older side, but it made for fun people watching.  A pair of guys, who had probably NOT stopped drinking from the night before, we on the prowl for cougars - that was awkward.  J ran into a guy from his EMT class that was in the previous FF class; it made him smile.   There is something to that brotherly bond.  And then we met up with the firefighters.

The afternoon was perfect, good burgers, live music in the background, big screen TVs for me and J had firefighters to talk to while I cussed not so silently over some sad performances on opening day.  There was only one moment where my femaleness and my obsession with the Dance caused a scene.  Or maybe it was the green beer flowing through his veins at that moment.  Eventually the guys will get used to the fact that the SI comes in my name, you don't bother me on Sundays from August until February and it have a Twitter account just to keep up with the sports gossip of the day. Either way, it was still a great day.  We headed back to my dad's for pizza and UW's win over Belmont and rescued him from the girls.  Yesterday we grabbed the boys from my in-laws and the end of Spring Break is upon us.  But Thursday - Thursday I could not have planned to be any better!

After 2 rounds, I am 24-8.  Not too bad, I guess. I should scan my brackets and get them on here.

My Final Four - OSU, UCONN (Yup over Duke), Kansas and Florida.  Kansas takes it all.
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