Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break and a Reminder to Be Grateful

It is that time of year.  Kids and teachers alike look forward to it - Spring Break!  I am especially thrilled as my hubby made his trades and PO days work out so that he as off the whole week with us. (Here's where I am thrilled for the flexibility a FF schedule offers!) Now,  it gets even nicer.  The boys are going to Door County for a few days with my in-laws and D is still too young to go to school with the boys and me, so she is still in school.  That means there will only be one kid home with us most of the time.  Now, I know this sounds bad.  But we will be able to get things done around here. No bickering to mediate, to temper tantrums over chores, smaller meals to prepare.  Only early bedtimes.  I love my muppets, but I am excited for the break.

On a more somber note.  Please keep the families of Japan in your thoughts and prayers.  Our college has a sister campus in Tokyo.  We have become lifelong friends with many of the students brave enough to join us in the cornfields.  I feel for them as they struggle to find out who is where and how they are.  I am grateful for the immediate answers the web and Facebook can offer.  The aftershocks continue to rock their world - not in the good way.  To the point where sleep is not an option.  The state of the nuclear reactor is especially troubling for one family.  Please keep them in your thoughts.  It is a good reminder for my family to not whine about the fact that we still have a foot of snow or that the temp barely sees the other side of freezing.  Be safe, my friends.
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