Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What if my worst fears had been confirmed?

I never check my phone during the school day - well not until my lunch period.  I have an overload this term, so I have no off classes.  I also never have my phone on vibrate when J is working.  Today I did both!

At about 11:30am, my little 7th graders started on their homework, so I swiped my phone and saw that there was an odd number on the missed call list.  For some reason I checked the message.  It wasn't any of the firehouse numbers, any of the kids' schools or my FF's number.  So, I am not exactly sure why I did.  The message was my husband and all I could understand was, "I am at St. Mary's..."  Had it been ANY of the other hospitals I would not have been too concerned.  St. Mary's is in another COUNTY and it houses the BURN UNIT!  I took a deep breath, excused myself from my little babies and started dialing in the hall.

J's phone went straight to voicemail, so my next logical thought was to call the firehouse.  I did, ready with my calm voice and my list of questions.  I literally looked at my dial pad when my husband answered the phone - he was already back at the engine house!

Turns out it was "just" a battery that exploded and caught him in the face - JUST!  But, being a firefighter - on an engine - no matter what, there is always water around.  So, he got flushed on site and the trip to the hospital was merely a precautionary move.  He is extremely "itchy", but there are no burns. The doctor simply told him how lucky he was and left it at that.

Now, in the future, I will be forever reminded by this to KEEP MY PHONE ON RING when he is working.  What if it had been something worse?  I will also remember to be sure to kiss him goodbye at the start of every shift and remind him of how much I loved him - there was a day last week, aside from the retreat, where I did not take the time because I was running late.  And hopefully I will not let myself think, "Eh, it is probably nothing." and put that call off until I have time, based on this experience.  Lastly, hopefully I will keep my composure, just as I did today, no matter the circumstance.

What if my worst fears had been confirmed?
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