Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Just Don't Want to Talk

I just spent 30 hours with all of our Sophomores at a retreat called Tyme Out.  It was a GREAT retreat.  The kids were wonderful.  The leaders were awesome.  It was a really great time.  It focused on relationships - bf/gf, parents, friends, marriage, siblings, acquaintances  - how you interact with those around you.  We divided the kids into 8 groups - 1 for each staff member that went.  We then divided those groups in half - 4 upstairs and 4 downstairs.  The other 3 adults who were with me were wonderful. But, above all, I think the kids REALLY needed it.  The girls and boys got to figure out how makes the other tick. We divided our groups into boys and girls. They discussed the opposite gender.  WOW!  My girls obviously needed to vent and figure out what makes the other half work!  We had an anonymous Q/A session for both sides and I think it opened up their eyes like never before.  And what did they take from it - that we could all use a reminder of - communication is the key to ANY relationship.  Talking, letting the other side know what you need, what you think, how you feel - COMMUNICATION.  It was tremendous!

Lea RosenbergThe amazing thing of this whole experience was that they got it.  Our retreat leaders were amazed that these were only sophomores.  They did great.  The break out sessions were wonderful, everyone respected everyone else's opinions, some long standing grudges were worked out.  It really was great!  The scripture work did not meet the grumbles that Larry and I seem to find in class.  The games and discussions were real - not pontification and hell and brim fire.  The kids were surprisingly open about things.

Last night really wasn't that bad.  My girls were only up until 12 or 12:30 - not too bad.  Amanda's group in the adjoining room was up until 4 AM.  I threw my headphones in and turned off my Droid light I was reading by around 2:30.  Even though her kids were still up, they were good.  Wake up call at 6am came VERY EARLY!  I got them all up and moving with minimal grumbles - it was quite impressive. One of my boys was PO'd because his buddy woke him up via water bottle. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!   After a few more activities and cleaning we headed down for our last lunch.

We left after lunch today.  It was time.  We had 30 hours straight - no break.  I feel bad in retrospect, but I need it.  I threw my headphones and listened to my i-Pod for the 2 hour drive back to school.  I did not want to talk to the other teacher.  I had just spent the previous 30 hours talking - talking to kids (large group and small), talking to the retreat leaders, talking to the other teachers (which was a good thing - nice to spend some time chatting OUTSIDE of school), talking to parents whose kids did not want to go back for musical rehearsal at 5pm yesterday, talking to the girls in the hall - in our PJs well after lights out  at 11:30pm - because they just wanted to chat.  THIRTY HOURS TALKING!  I just don't want to talk anymore.

Now, let me tell you about my awesome FF did.  In the CRAZINESS of Wednesday - me getting everything ready for my trip AND my absence, I left my make-up bag and meds on the dining room table.  Somehow, I WONDERFUL FF helped me in my blond moment and brought them to me.  Mind you - this is after he drove 60 minutes down to the boys' school to pick them up, with another 85 minutes to the retreat center and another 45 minutes home. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what he did. First and foremost, I really need my meds.  Seizures and hypertension, do not go well with 85 10th graders and no sleep.  But, for my comfort level, I was grateful for my make-up.  I am not too vain.  BUT, without make-up I look like a totally different person.  One whom my kids at work have never seen.  It would have caused such a distraction, I did not want to have mess caused by my absent minded moment .  I will forever be grateful to J for that trip he made!

ON TOP OF THAT - he got 4 kids, up, dressed and out the door by 5:20 AM - by himself.  He dropped the girls off at O's sitter, one of the teachers from J's previous life as a 4th grade teacher takes D to school for us on the days J works.  He then drove the hour down to drop the boys off at my school so my retiring department chair could hang out with them until they could walk down to the Lower Campus.  Then my WONDERFUL FF drove another hour back to E2 and off to work he went!  I am indeed a blessed and lucky gal!  I am also so grateful that his Captain allowed some flexibility in the Cub schedule for J to get back there.  He was nowhere near late for his shift at 8am, but Cubs report between 6:30 and 6:45.  When I talked to him at 7am, my FF was about 30 minutes out.  I will have to drop the Capt. a thank you note.  I know he did not necessarily have to do that.

So, now I am home, and my dear FF is at work.  Really not that big of a deal. kids have not seen me since yesterday morning.  They - want to talk!  AYE!!!
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